Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Manchester Marathon

Described by many as "the fastest marathon in the country," a trio of NRR members took on the challenge of the Manchester Marathon. 

Three storming runs started with Stu DRUMMOND flying over the line with a stunning time of 3:06:26.  Stephen KENNEDY completed his second marathon with a goal of breaking four hours and he didn't just scrape through the barrier, he smashed it!  Time of 3:40:15.
Mark and Sue LEWIS ran the course together, Mark helping them both to a time of 4:43:51.

The standard has now been set ahead of London next weekend, well done everyone. 

686 Stuart DRUMMOND 3:06:26 
2668 Stephen KENNEDY 3:40:15 
6714 Mark LEWIS 04:43:51

Duston Tri

Two NRR members took part in the popular Duston Sprint Triathlon on Sunday 19th April.

Jo Windrum completed her first tri, finishing with a pretty quick run in 20:40.  Adrian Tuck completed the whole event in a fantastic time of 1:06:35.

50 Adrian Tuck - 7:49 (swim) 1:13 (t) 35:03 (bike) 0:57 (t) 21:31 (run) - 1:06:35
185 Jo Windrum - 7:44 (swim) 1:47 (t) 47:48 (bike) 0:36 (t) 20:40 (run) - 1:18:37

Parkrun 18th April

A huge field of 348 runners took part in the latest Parkrun.  The three year anniversary run is taking place on 2nd May.

5 Ilir BRECA 18:59
6 Rosanna ANDREWS 19:23 - 1st lady
13 Mark KENNEDY 20:05
26 Peter MOOR 21:11
48 Sarah JONES 22:10
162 Mary SULLIVAN 26:54
220 Helen BLACKBURN 29:41

Daventry parkrun
18 Seb PERRY 21:53

Monday, 13 April 2015

A Jaunt Around Brighton

John Eales completed the Brighton Marathon on 12 April 2015 in a great time of 4:11:16, making it a course PB.

John Eales 4:11:16

Belvoir Half Marathon

The Belvoir Half Marathon was another windy one with four NRR runners tackling the countryside route.

Rosanna Andrews battled against the conditions to rack up a great time of 1:27:57.  Richard Wild also continued his amazing form with a 1:32:44 finish.  Penny Andrews and Sarah Jones also had great runs with times of 1:40:50 and 1:41:03. 

36 Rosanna Andrews 1:27:57
76 Richard Wild 1:32:44
165 Penny Andrews 1:40:50
168 Sarah Jones 1:41:03

Worcester Half Marathon

Roger Taylor continued his comeback to form with a brilliant 1:42:42 at the windy Worcester Half Marathon on Sunday 12th April.

154 Roger Taylor 1:42:42

Sandy 10

Eamon Kennedy and Paul Braddock did the well established Sandy 10 (mile) on Sunday 12th April. It's another one of these little gems boasting an out and back route in glorious countryside.  The first few miles are a bit hilly but that offers an amazing fast finish if you have anything in reserve. Eamon did a respectable 1:22:32 and Paul scored a 10 mile PB in 1:26:52.

Eamon Kennedy 1:22:32
Paul Braddock 1:26:52

Peter's Debut in Paris

Peter Watson mae his marathon debut in Paris, a beautiful city and lovely route taking in all the sights.  Did he have time to stop and view then in his quest?  Peter finished in 5:10:47.

Peter Watson 5:10:47 

A Seaside Half - Bournemouth Bay Run

A beautiful day for a run along the seafront, Mark Kennedy completed his fifth Bournemouth Bay Half Marathon, a favourite road event of his, completing the route in a time of 1:34:39.

The event starts at Bournemouth Pier and heads along the promenade towards Poole before climbing to the top of the cliff and heading back towards Southbourne before a trip back along the seafront to Bournemouth via Boscombe Pier.  Good support along the way from locals and a rousing finish line reception.

The weather was great for an added bonus.

90 Mark Kennedy 1:34:39

Valley & Views, Waendel Walkers Club

A great run local run on 12th April for a handful of NRR at the Valley & Views hosted by the Waendel Walkers Club.  Darren Baldwin and Sharky Cotters did the marathon distance while Suzanne Baldwin Elaine Palmer and Casey Baldwin did the 16 mile distance, all for a lowly £4 entry fee and a full English breakfast when you finish, can't go wrong.

Parkrun 11th April

6 Ilir BRECA 18:55 
9 Richard WILD 19:31
35 Sarah JONES 21:50 

160 Helen BLACKBURN 29:06
174 Richard ROSE 29:38 

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Northampton Running Festival

Set in the beautiful grounds of Delapre Abbey, the annual Northampton Festival of Running provides a great atmosphere for runners over three distances. The 10K starts at 10am with the half and marathon distances going off at five minute intervals later.

Five NRR members took on the half distance challenge which involves six laps of course, starting outside the Abbey and heading clockwise around the lake which got muddier on each loop.  
The ladies put in a storming performance! Rosanna Andrews finished in 5th position overall with an excellent time of 1:34:28 and well done to Penny Andrews who was 1st in her age category (F50) 1:48:15
Mark Kennedy was pleased with a 15th place finish in 1:44:04 and Mark Johnson was close behind in 1:46:50. Pete Moor completed the line up in 1:51:54.

This is a fantastic event with brilliant, enthusiastic marshals around the course, music to rock out to each time you pass the start finish and excellent camaraderie between runners lapping the route.

5 Rosanna Andrews 1:34:28
15 Mark Kennedy 1:44:04
20 Mark Johnson 1:46:50
22 Penny Andrews 1:48:15 - 1st F50
31 Pete Moor 1:51:54

Coventry Massey Ferguson 5 Mile

Tony and Jo Letts took part in the Coventry Massey Ferguson 5 Mile on the weekend of 4th April.  Tony was 1st MV40 in 29:49 and Jo finished in 45:45.
Tony Letts 29:49 - 1st MV40
Jo Letts 45:45.

South Downs Way 50 Miles

Well done to Richard Cormack for completing the South Downs Way 50 mile event in 11 hours and 40 minutes.  A superb endurance achievement.

Parkrun 4th April

6 Ilir BRECA 19:11
9 Stuart DRUMMOND 19:49
11 Richard WILD 20:01
38 Pete MOOR 21:31
50 Sarah JONES 22:05
75 Mark KENNEDY 22:57 - Pacer
76 Jon DILWORTH 23:03
201 Rachel PALMER 28:44
200 Elaine PALMER 28:44
219 Helen BLACKBURN 29:12

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Daffodil Dawdle

The Daffodil Dawdle was around the flat, muddy and windy fields of Newmarket. A 27 miler organised by the long distance walkers association with good food stops made up for complicated directions but ran in great company ... beware anyone else tempted to do lDWA events ...they are very addictive. 

Well it was over marathon distance so have a guess who decided to do this one?  That's right....Sharrrrrrrrrky.  He managed, despite the mud and wind, to complete in a time of 6.03 and add yet another marathon to the ever growing list.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Oakley 20

Part two of the undulating coutryside spring marathon prep and another NRR crew made the short trip to Oakley.
A great run from Dave Blackburn in 2:41 exactly to comehomefirst for the club.  Darren Baldwin recovered from his "accidental" marathon last week to finish in 2:47:04 and Charlotte Yarker continued her great from finishing in a PB time of 2:52:56.
John Eales was close behind in 2:55:21 with Eamon Kennedy breaking three hours in 2:57:33. Jon Dilworth finished in 3:06:30 and well done to Gavin Harris in 3:10:54. Darren Byfield crossed the line 3:12:03 and Suzanne Baldwin completed a fabulous line up in 3:29:54. 

225 David Blackburn  2:41:00 
283 Darren Baldwin 2:47:04 
342 Charlotte Yarker 2:52:56 
381 John Eales 2:55:21 
419 Eamon Kennedy 2:57:33 
517 Jon Dilworth 3:06:30 
560 Gavin Harris 3:10:54 
573 Darren Byfield 3:12:03 
708 Suzanne Baldwin  3:29:54 

We Have A Winner...

Dave Green won the Colchester Half Marathon on Sunday 29th March in a stunning time of 1:12:04.  Well done Dave, totally on fire at the moment.

1st  Dave Green  1-12-04
how fantastic is that!

Parkrun 28th March

4 Ilir BRECA 19:03
9 Stuart DRUMMOND 19:24
14 Richard WILD 19:54
21 Mark KENNEDY 20:22
55 Sarah JONES 22:13
79 Mark GARRETT 23:18
122 Paul GRAY 25:30
134 Jo SMITH 25:52
231 Elaine PALMER 30:52
230 Rachel PALMER 30:52
312 Claire SPOKES 40:42

Jurassic Coast Challenge

Penny Andrews did The Jurassic Coast Challenge over weekend 20/21/22 March.This consisted of three marathons in three days.
She did fantastically well with day three especially being a superb performance.
Day 1    25th   6:06:14
Day 2    36th   7:10:30
Day 3    10th   6:25:14
18th place overall in 19:41:58, congratulations on such a magnificent and crazy achievement.  What comes next?

Ashby 20

The Ashby 20 is a traditional undulating countryside route which offers great preparation for spring marathon training.

NRR had the super seven running it with some great PBs at the 20 miles distance.

David Green put in another star performance finishing 5th overall in a superb time of 1:56:48. Stuart Drummond was a couple of seconds ahead of Matt Brand in 2:22:24.

Ronnie Ambrose recorded his best ever time at this distance with 2:41:20 as did Wendy Parker in 2:44:08.  John Eales was close behind with 2:44:43 and Pete Moor finished in a great time of 2:46:49.

5 David Green
116 Stuart Drummond 2:22:24
117 Matt Brand
334 Ronnie Ambrose 2:41:20
370 Wendy Parker
382 John Eales
410 Pete Moor

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Obelisk 'Obble II

NRR have been famed for hosting the Moulton 10K in recent years but in our 2014 move to Kingsthorpe, we lost a great race.  The Obelisk 'Obble was formed in September 2014 and opened as a trial for NRR members and the club decided to advance proceedings with a second version on Saturday 14th March.

Being a club with Road Runners in its name, it was fitting to fit into our eccentric nature and run most of the course off road.  There were two options available, an eight mile route and a 14.

Being regulars in these parts of the county, our members were amazed by the beauty of the route, some of the course that we haven't covered before giving NRR a real impetuous to make it a permanent fixture...food for thought maybe.  

Well done to all members and friends who completed the route, the results are below (not that we were being that competitive surely).  There was no chip timing so the times may not be exact (of course).

Short - 8 miles
1:39:46 - John Dilworth, Jo Letts, Sue Summers, Seb Perry, Rachael Smith
2:17:08 - Micky Bogal, Ryan S

Long - 14 miles
1:53:10 -
Illr Brecani, Tony Letts,
1:53:24 - Stu Drummond
1:57:55 - Andy Blaize
1:57:57 - Penny Andrews
1:59:05 - Mark Kennedy
2:05:25 - Darren Baldwin + mate
2:11:00 - Sarah Jones, Richard Wild
2:11:20 - Ronnie Ambrose, Wendy Parker
2:20:00 - Roger Taylor, Jocelyn Granger, Dave Blackburn
2:31:35 - Darren Byfield, Jo Smith, Elaine Palmer, Paul Braddock
2:06:54 - Mark Garrett - socialising runner
2:42:25 - Mark Lewis, Sheena
2:43:54 - Caroline - part of Mark Lewis group
2:57:05 - Avatar
2:57:15 - Mary Davies
2:57:35 - Mary Sullivan, Tom Sullivan
3:08:52 - Sally Garrett and Lynsey Brecani
3:18:55 - Helen Balckburn, Keren Irving, Katie, Nicki Hollowell

Warwick Half

Jo and Tony Letts did the Warwick Half on Sunday 22nd March.

A huge well done to Jo for a PB of 2:01:22.  Tony recorded a brilliant finish of 1.20:41 on a good course and great support plus over 2000 runners.

Charnwood Marathon

It'sthe weekend so there is a fair chance that Sharky will be ding a marathon.  Yep, him, Eamon Kennedy and Darren Baldwin all ran the Charnwood Marathon.  Darren's was an accident by the way.

Suzanne Baldwin decided on the more sensible option of the half distance.  

Both routes were escribed as beautiful, off road challenges.  One for the NRR crew in the future for sure.

Parkrun 21st March

13 Ilir BRECA 18:55
21 Mark KENNEDY 20:14
22 Richard WILD 20:24
42 Sarah JONES 21:51
69 Jon DILWORTH 23:27
70 Tom SULLIVAN 23:33
139 Mary SULLIVAN 26:49
182 Miles BILINGHAM 28:35

Loughborough Half 15th March

Jon Dilworth was the sole NRR representative at the Loughborough half and on a cold windy day achieved a creditable 3rd place for MV60 with a time of 1:50:00.

Jon Dilworth 1:50:00 MV60 3rd

Monday, 16 March 2015

Silverstone Half

An iconic race at the home of the Grand Prix on a cold Sunday the 15th March.  A clutch (get it) of PBs on the fast circuit were awarded on the podium (not literally) as the chaquered flag was raised.

Well done to Stephen Kennedy, Mark Johnson, Gavin Harris and Peter Watson for huge PBs.

372 Tom Smith 1:31:48
897 Stephen Kennedy 1:39:45 PB
955 Mark Johnson 1:40:33 PB
Gavin Harris 1.45.30 PB
1688 Eamon Kennedy 1:47:10
2341 Peter Watson 1.52.50 PB
5693 John Eales and Kerry Bate 2:27:59

Marathon and a Half

NRR is full of crazy challenges these days as our thrill seeker members always look for that buzz.

John Eales did the Thames Meander Marathon on Saturday 14th March and then did a little recovery run on the Sunday completing the Silverstone Half Marathon.  

He also joined in the club festivities with the one year anniversary at the Obelisk Centre on Saturday evening.  Now for a well earned rest.

192 JOHN EALES 4:18:08 - Marathon
John Eales and Kerry Bate 2:27:59 - Half

Parkrun 14th March

98 Robert BATEMAN 24:35 - PB
122 Paul GRAY 25:35
212 Richard ROSE 30:14

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Backlight Fun

Backlight Run
Gavin Harris took part in the colourful, Backlight Run in Northampton on the evening of Saturday 7th March. A 5K route saw competitors covered in uv paint for a colourful finish. 

Chiltern Kanter

Chiltern Kanter 
Ronnie Ambrose and Wendy Parker run the Chiltern Kanter, an 18mile map-reading cross country event and they managed to find their way back ok. 

MK Festival

MK Festival of Running
Ben Mullaney made good preparations for London with a fantastic 2:37:08 time in the 20 mile event at the Milton Keynes Festival of running. 

Darren and Suzanne Baldwin shook off their Grizzly legs to complete the course in 1:39:41 and 2:10:30 respectively and Pete Moor finished in 1:42:44 at the half distance. 

20 Miles
Ben Mullaney 2:37:08

Half Marathon
281 Darren Baldwin 1:39:41
377 Pete Moor 1:42:44
1378 Suzanne Baldwin 2:10:30

Cambridge Half

Cambridge Half
Joe McManus and John Eales completed the Cambridge Half on Sunday 8th March. Joe finished in 1:45:11 and John in 1:51:05 after a good return from injury. 

Joe McManus 1:45:11
John Eales 1:51:05

The Battle Was Won

Naseby Battlefield Run
A great local event at Naseby, the Battlefield Run incorporated a duathon alongside three distances at running. The route took in some of the country's stunning countryside and offered some killer hill climbs, especially the long haul at Haselbech. Half marathoners had to do it twice.

With eight different events happening at once, it was hard to know who was doing what distance but thee was plenty of spirit on the course between competitors. 

One slight niggle was a few snags to the organisation with some distances being undercut and a few runners taking wrong turnings. Perhaps the hosts took on a little too much. 

A good note for the day was an optional t-shirt for purchase that included the names of all entrants plus a great route with a challenge.  

The NRR crew turned out to try the running distances. 

Congratulations to Rosanna Andrews who won the 5K event in 23:08.

Jo Letts completed the 10K in 40:49. 

At half marathon distance there were some great finishes with two out of three in the top ten. Tony Letts was second in 1:21:26 and Daniel Cook third in 1:23:15. Mark Kennedy finished 11th overall in 1:35:08 and Roger Taylor crossed the line in 1:47:21. 

Well done to Penny Andrews who was 1st MV50 with a time of 1:40:24. 

1st Rosanna Andrews 23:08

48th Jo Letts 57:22

Half Marathon
2nd Tony Letts 1:21:26
3rd Daniel Cook 1:23:15
11th Mark Kennedy 1:35:08
18th Penny Andrews 1:40:24 1st MV50
25th Roger Taylor 1:47:21

Groundhog Day

The Groundhog Marathon
Some people will remember the classic film Groundhog Day where Bill Murray plays a weather man who wakes every morning to experience the same day. 

Perhaps the Groundhog Marathon won't take days to complete but it was an incredible 105.5 laps of a running track in Telford. 

Eamon Kennedy and Andy Sharky Cotters completed the gruelling event on Saturday 7th March. Not only was then an achievement in itself but Sharky also completed his challenge of 12 marathons in 12 months. Sometimes it is not always about speed. 

Well done to Sharky, a full report will follow. 

Sharks 4:12
Eamon 4:06 

Parkrun PB Day

7 Matt BRAND 18:42 PB
12 Richard WILD 19:22 PB
13 Ilir BRECA 19:24
42 Sarah Jones 22:05 1st lady
62 Mark KENNEDY 22:56 Pacer
204 Richard ROSE
237 Lynsey LOU 34:03

Daventry parkrun

17 Seb PERRY 21:46

Friday, 6 March 2015

Ultra Man

On Sunday 1st March Jon Panter did the 45 mile St. Peters Way Ultra in Essex in a fantastic 8:39 and didn't even get a T shirt.

Monday, 2 March 2015

March March Begins

As February ended and March began, NRR ran various events across the country.

Belvoir Challenge
Saturday began with the Belvoir Challenge, Andy Sharky Cotters did his 11th marathon in 11 months, slogging it around in the mud in around six hours. Jocelyn Granger did the 15 miler in 3 hours.

Eleven members did the Parkrun at the same time (which wasn't quite as muddy.)

Coventry Half
Penny Andrews did the Coventry Half in 1:42 finishing a few minutes ahead of Jon Dilworth in 1:46

Berkhamsted Half
Another popular event in the NRR calender is the beautiful Berko Half (as it is fondly known locally).  Seven runners were treated to lovely sunshine around the hilly, countryside route.  Richard Wild and Wendy Parker grabbed massive PBs on a course not normally likened to a PB route.

91 Richard Wild 1:32:41
184 Ronnie Ambrose 1:38:24
190 Mark Kennedy 1:38:53
255 Sarah Jones 1:41:47 

317 Wendy Parker 1:44:28
471 Tom Sullivan 1:49:41
792 Mary Sullivan 2:04:40

The iconic Grizzly is too much of a pull for our club and this year was no exception. A handful of crazed thrill seekers made the trip to Devon to tackle the mud and hills in The 

Grizzly 2015 - Dash To Delirium
159 Matt Brand 3:11:17
220 Stuart Drummond 3:17:48
450 Pete Moor 3:39:26
722 Darren Baldwin 3:57:52 

1116 Paul Braddock 4:32:09
1237 Suzanne Baldwin 4:50:46

Rome Marathon
Finally Dave and Helen Blackburn left the country to complete the wonderful Rome Marathon and thoroughly enjoyed the race and the trip.

February Parkruns

28th February
4 Daniel COOK 18:16
10 David GREEN 19:02
9 Ilir BRECA 19:02
17 Richard WILD 19:37
31 Mark KENNEDY 20:30 - Bangkok to Heathrow arriving at 6:45am
55 Sarah JONES 21:55
77 Gavin HARRIS 22:57
149 Mick BHOGAL 26:12
164 Paul GRAY 26:45
188 Miles BILINGHAM 27:40
271 Lynsey LOU 33:14

21st February
2 David GREEN 16:32
11 Ilir BRECA 19:11
39 Pete MOOR 21:02
55 Sarah JONES 21:47
56 Richard WILD 21:48
71 Seb PERRY 22:29
93 Jon DILWORTH 23:12
243 Sue SUMMERS 29:06

Gunnersbury parkrun
70 Mark GARRETT 22:56

14th February

1 David GREEN 16:27
12 Richard WILD 19:36
32 Pete MOOR 21:14
45 Sarah JONES 22:00
48 Mark GARRETT 22:11
95 Jocelyn GRANGER 24:26
158 Mick BHOGAL 27:22
202 Pauline HORNE 29:01
209 Sue SUMMERS 29:17

8th February
20 Richard WILD 20:29
25 Mark KENNEDY 20:42
34 Pete MOOR 21:12
50 Sarah JONES 21:52
57 Seb PERRY 22:19
67 Jon DILWORTH 23:27
83 Tom SULLIVAN 24:08
116 Paul GRAY 25:31
165 Mick BHOGAL 27:49

Strathaven and Richmond Half Marathons

On Sunday 22nd February, Eamon Kennedy ran the Strathaven Half Marathon in wonderful sleet and snowy conditions. His time, 1:51

On the same day, Mark and Sally Garrett did the Richmond Half and boasted that it was sunny and fine.

Mark G 1:35
Sally G 2:40

Stamford 30K

Five NRR members took part in the Valentine's Day 30K, a challenging 30K route at Stamford.  Well done to all.

114 Matt Brand 2:16:23
201 Stuart Drummond 2:26:21
242 Beckie Hollowell 2:30:55
354 Charlotte Yarker 2:43:21
428 John Eales 2:53:21

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

February 1st Action.

NRR attended various events on 1st February.

Sarah Jones and John Dilworth took a short trip to Hertfordshire to do the Watford Half.

Sarah Jones 1:43:46
Jon Dilworth 1:53:20

Closer to home, Jo and Tony Letts did the Irchester 10K and 15K respectively. Tony came second overall but Jo beat him to the finish for the first time.

2nd Tony Letts 57:42
Jo Letts 56:38   

Jocelyn Granger and Paul Braddock did the ever popular Charnwood Hills. A beautiful, challenging course in Leicestershire provides a tough, muddy challenge.

Jocelyn Granger 2:40:03
Paul Braddock 2:49:56

Monday, 26 January 2015

Box End Winter Tri Series Winners

A huge well done to Elaine and Mike Palmer who came first in their catagories in the Box End Winter Tri Series Winners in November, December and January.

Eric Humphries Cross Country

Well done to those who managed to skive off work and complete the Police's Annual Cross Coutry at Delapre.

Elaine Palmer was 1st FV45, Penny Andrews 1st FV50 and Tom Sulivan 3rd MV60.  Tony Letts, Andy Blaize, Dave Whatton and Pete Moor also completed the three lap course.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Dirty Weekend in Essex

Sounds too good to miss, so Wendy, Ronnie, Sally and Mark set off to meet the stars of Towie in the sin city of Southend.

Too late for a Parkrun we walked to the end of the pier and back which is nearly the same distance.

Sundays Benfleet 15 was better than dirty, it was filthy. A brilliant, tough, hilly, muddy slog of a race with great views, lovely marshals, and the hardest last 3 miles I have ever come across.

I can now cross Canvey Island off the bucket list of places to see, but could well be back next year as this is a fab event and Sat night in Southend is not to be missed.

Mark Garrett 2:12:14
Ronnie Ambrose 2:17:45
Wendy Parker 2:25:30

Irchester Dirt Run Round One

A trio of NRR made their way to the Irchester Muti-Terrain Dirt Run on Sunday 18th January.
Tony Letts was 6th overall in the 15K and Jo and Mark Lewis had great runs at the 10K distance.  Jo is going to beat Tony next time though.

6 Tony Letts 56:21
69 Mark Lewis 48:47
129 Jo Letts 56:54

Folksworth 15

The Folksworth 15 miler is an ever popular challenge for those upping their marathon distance for the spring.  Five NRR made the hour or so journey to the event on Suday 18th January and there were some great runs to report below;

48 Stu Drummond 1:42:35
54 Matt Brand 1:43:25
180 Pete Moor 1:58:59
191 Beckie Hollowell 2:00:17
214 Eamon Kennedy 2:04:24

Parkrun 17th January

20 Mark KENNEDY 20:43 
45 Peter MOOR 21:53 
56 John EALES 22:43 
74 Sarah JONES 23:35 
189 Sue SUMMERS 28:47 
226 Richard ROSE 30:16
245 Keren IRVING 31:10

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Dunstable Cross Country

Onto the final cross country of the season and the phrase save the best to last may be changed to, save the toughest for the last.

The organisers kindly added an extra quarter of a mile of hill for us to climb this year making the longest ascent of around a mile in distance.

NRR ended the season on a high for a number of reasons. Firstly it was our best ever finish, the ladies finishing 9th, gents 10th and 8th overall (don't ask how that works).

Secondly, and most importantly, we have seen record numbers of members turn out for these events this year. We had 43 members who took part in at least one event with eight members completing all five events.  Well done to Ilir Brecani, Lynsey Brecani, Mark Garrett, Beckie Hollowell, Keren Irving, Elaine Palmer, Jo Smith, John Eales and Tom Sullivan for being ever present.

Onto the event! A fantastic run from the ladies with Beckie making the top scorer spot again and Lynsey completed her first full season after coming right through the ranks of our beginner group to cross country ever present.

Keren was also ever present, finishing with a trademark smile at the end, Elaine completed five out of five along with Jo.

153 Beckie Hollowell 
206 Wendy Parker 
225 Elaine Palmer 
240 Sarah Jones 
243 Jocelyn Granger 
246 Suzanne Baldwin 
253 Jo Smith 
283 Jo Letts 
284 Mary Sullivan 
314 Keren Irving 
315 Lynsey Brecani 
323 Sally Garrett

Over to the men and David finished in second place overall with Chris and Tony also making the top 25.

Mark Lewis got his second taste of the cross country with Mark G, Tom and Illr completing the whole season five out of five.

There was the usual big cheer and encouragement from the finishers as we will everyone on until Sally finished at the end before heading off for a well earned cake.

Well done everyone for another great year in the mud and on the hills...thanks to Mark G for his usual faultless organisation and recruiting a great team.  Special mention to Alan for continuing the fun bus and getting us there on time.

2 David Green 
11 Chris Lamb 
23 Tony Letts 
47 Ilir Brecani 
108 Mark Kennedy 
118 Mark Garrett 
119 Darren Baldwin 
125 Dave Blackburn 
146 Ronnie Ambrose 
169 John Eales 
178 Mark Lewis
212 Tom Sullivan

Parkrun 10th January

20 Mark KENNEDY 21:15
40 Pete MOOR 22:11
99 Sarah JONES 24:48
197 Mick BHOGAL 28:48
245 Richard ROSE 30:51
264 Paula PINNEY 32:29