Sunday, 19 October 2014

Parkrun 18th October

Wimbledon Common
136 Tom SULLIVAN 24:30

Northampton parkrun
4 Ilir BRECA 19:19
32 Sarah JONES 22:36
41 Wendy PARKER 23:02
42 Ronnie AMBROSE 23:02
43 Jon DILWORTH 23:05
51 Andy COTTRELL 23:32
58 Eamon KENNEDY 23:46
177 Helen BLACKBURN 30:14
184 Sue SUMMERS 30:36
247 Claire SPOKES 39:09

Corby parkrun
22 John EALES 23:13

NRRL Standings

NRRL Standings
Well done to Sarah Jones and John Eales who achieved final placing in the NRRL Standings.

To quaify, you have to complete five races in the series from the following;

Network 5K, Silverstone 10K, Blisworth 5m, Corby 5, Weedon 10K, W'boro 5, Northampton Half, Cransley and Daventry 10m.

Sarah was 7th female overall and John was 28th male.

A number of our members completed four events too, so close...not many people make the accolade of five of these events so have a look next year and let us see if we can get more NRR in the final standings.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Glos League at Temple Guiting

Colin Bricher took part in the Glos League at Temple Guiting, compleating the 6 mile course in 59.09. securing 258th position.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Ridgeway

The Ridgeway is a beautiful and challenging 15 and a bit K off road challenge with some stunning scenery at the top...yes the top!

98 David Whatton 1:13:34
184 Rebecca Hollowell 1:19:31
229 Darren Byfield 1:22:59
251 Jasmine Banks 1:24:19
269 Martin Rowe 1:25:27
310 Elaine Palmer 1:28:07 

487 Carole Whatton 1:48:58

Perkins Peterborough Half Marathon

The fanous five (very famous indeedy) took part in the Great Eastern Perkins Half Marathon in Peterborough.  Some great performances all round, well done everyone.

105 Daniel Cook 1:21:10 
420 Richard Wild 1:32:49
1023 Sarah Jones 1:43:57
1292 Jon Dilworth 1:48:20
3104 John Eales 2:18:10


11th October
4 Ilir BRECA 18:26
21 Ronnie AMBROSE 20:49
66 Eamon KENNEDY 23:31
67 Mark KENNEDY 23:32
101 Paul GRAY 25:13
141 Tony KENNEDY 27:02
168 Pauline HORNE 29:04
201 Elizabeth PARKER 30:56
202 Wendy PARKER 30:56

4th October
2 Tony LETTS 17:39
12 Ilir BRECA 18:55
56 Sarah JONES 22:29
61 Wendy PARKER 22:47
81 Eamon KENNEDY 24:01
123 Paul GRAY 25:46
154 Tony KENNEDY 26:50
180 Mick BHOGAL 28:33
195 Jo LETTS 29:26
197 Helen BLACKBURN 29:42
214 Keren IRVING 30:55
220 Ronnie AMBROSE 31:38
219 Elizabeth PARKER 31:38

27th September
2 Tony LETTS 17:24
10 Ilir BRECA 18:24
38 Joe MCMANUS 21:44
45 Ronnie AMBROSE 22:03
63 Mark KENNEDY 23:03
125 Tony KENNEDY 27:19
130 Jo LETTS 27:27
161 Pauline HORNE 29:11
184 Mick BHOGAL 30:48
209 Wendy PARKER 33:02
208 Elizabeth PARKER 33:02
225 Claire SPOKES 40:30

Darley parkrun
78 Jocelyn GRANGER 24:43

Corby parkrun
12 John EALES 22:34

Jon On The Road...

Here's a little summary or Jon's recent events, well done to him on his achievements...
Rugby 10m Sunday 5th October
Jon Dilworth ran a PB to get round the hilly Rugby 10 miles in 00:80:31 on a fine sunny morning.
Jon Dilworth 00:80:31
Badger -Atherstone 10k
Jon Dilworth ran the inaugural Badger - Atherstone 10k on Sunday 31/08/2014. A challenging course through the town and a private park, well organised and recommended for anyone who fancies a tough scenic 10k traffic free test. 
Jon Dilworth 00:51:09 4th V60 (101st overall).

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Clarendon Marathon

A marathon for those who like scenery and a bit of a challenge.

The Clarenden Marathon makes its way from Salisbury to Winchester and was a great choice by Jocelyn for an away day autumn marathon.

David Green was 2nd overall in 2:56:40, Stu Drummond finished in 3:35:56 and Matt Brand was next in 3:39:54.  Mark Garrett did 3:48:11 and Jocelyn finished in 4:56:47.

Sally Garrett also took on the half in 2:45:10.

Well done everyone.

Marathon Men

Well done to John Eales for complting the Mablethorpe Marathon in 4:38:21.

Eamon Kennedy took part in the Loch Ness Marathon and Andy Sharky Cotters for completing the Nottingham Marathon.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Cransley Half

Well done to Tom Sullivan and Jon Dilworth for completing the Cransley Half Marathon, Jon's second half in as many weeks.

43 Tom SULLIVAN 1:47:32
55 Jon DILWORTH 1:51:43

Northampton Parkrun

20th September
8 Ilir BRECA 18:51
62 Wendy PARKER 23:19
74 Mark KENNEDY 23:58
81 Eamon KENNEDY 24:23 - pacer
91 Elaine PALMER 24:55
105 Paul GRAY 25:23
145 Tony KENNEDY 27:26
181 Pauline HORNE 29:50
232 Elizabeth PARKER 35:27
233 Ronnie AMBROSE 35:41 - pacer

13th September

27 Ilir BRECA 21:02
28 Ronnie AMBROSE 21:04
41 Sarah JONES 22:15
71 Tom SULLIVAN 23:52
143 Jo LETTS 27:41
218 Elizabeth PARKER 35:05
219 Wendy PARKER 35:06
232 Suzanne BALDWIN 41:05
236 Claire SPOKES 41:44

Northampton Half Marathon

The second running of the wonderful Northampton Half Marathon offered a course with plenty of interesting twists and turns.

Starting in the Town Centre, runners did two laps along St Giles Street, down Spring Lane and along Derngate past the Guildhall before heading towards Beckets Park towards Brackmills via Midsummer Meadow.  

The first big climb came at Hardingstone then a lap of the village along Newport Pagnell Road past plenty of well wishers on the course.  

Mile seven started another long climb up to Great Houghton before slipping off road through the lovely Brackmills Country Park.  Thankfully the loop of the industrial estate had been removed but the sting in the tale was an extra half mile off road in front of Delapre Abbey to sap the legs before a well suported finish.

A beautiful point to point course in our home town and well worth a shot at again next year.

On the course, David Green finished second overall and was first in the County Champs in a time of 1:13:05.

Tony Letts also picked a medal winning his age category and grabbing a PB too in 1:20:18.

Mark Kennedy enjoyed a good run in 1:36:41 and Sarah Jones also scored a PB in 1:42:30 with Richard Wild accompanying her around the route.  Rob Donovan finished in 1:44:58 John Eales was next in 1:45:01 followed by Jon Dilworth with a huge PB of 1:46:30.  

Richard Franks was delighted to break two hours in 1:59:20 and a huge well done to Paige Pinckard finishing in 3:25:30.

Massive thanks to all the supporters around the course and at the finish line too.

2 David Green 1:13:05
8 Tony Letts 1:20:18
102 Mark Kennedy 1:36:41
147 Sarah Jones 1:42:30
148 Richard Wild 1:42:30
178 Rob Donovan 1:44:58
182 John Eales 1:45:01
199 Jon Dilworth 1:46:30
326 Richard Franks 1:59:20
389 Paige Pinckard 3:25:30

Dunstable Challenge

Mark Garrett, Martin Rowe and Jasmine Banks completed the Dunstable Downs Challenge Marathon on Sunday 14th September, which is now 27 miles long.
Mark actually entered in the 20 mile but missed the cut-off and did the full marathon plus two extra miles when the group he was with all went the wrong way, so 29 miles for in all.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Great North Run

Were any of these the one millionth finisher? Of course not, they were all too quick.

Well done to everyone who coped in the huge crowds and hot conditions, celeb spotting and high fiving all round.

407 Matthew Brand 1:26:28
6705 Tom Sullivan 1:50:41
8170 James Anderson 1:53:38
8323 Eamon Kennedy 1:53:57
9820 Des McGrath 1:56:42
25956 Kirsty Turner 2:24:58
27623 Keren Irving 2:28:16
41357 Alan Hackett 3:57:07

This Sunday is the bigger and better Great Northampton Run...

Sunday, 7 September 2014


6th September
Northampton Parkrun
41 Sarah JONES 22:03
42 Joe MCMANUS 22:04
112 Mick BHOGAL 26:22
134 Tony KENNEDY 27:15
151 Helen BLACKBURN 28:29

Cannon Hill parkrun, Birmingham
43 Mark KENNEDY 20:49

Poole parkrun
416 Jonathan TICE 30:10

30th August
7 Ilir BRECA 19:03
27 Ronnie AMBROSE 21:33
37 Sarah JONES 22:04
50 Wendy PARKER 23:08
53 Tom SULLIVAN 23:14
64 James ANDERSON 23:38
65 Mark KENNEDY 23:39 Pacer
87 Elaine PALMER 24:33
119 Paul GRAY 26:00
138 Mick BHOGAL 26:39
160 Tony KENNEDY 27:53
174 Helen BLACKBURN 28:48
244 Mary SULLIVAN 34:51 Pacer

Monday, 25 August 2014

Thames Meander Marathon - Saturday 23rd August 2014

Three partners in crime took on the Thames Meander Marathon on Saturday 23rd August 2014 in Kingston.  As the name suggests, the route "meanders" along the River "Thames" over a "marathon distance.

squeezed in a top 200 finish with a time of 4:23:26, ANDY COTTRELL was close behind in 4:27:49 and JOHN EALES completed the route in 5:21:56.

199 EAMON KENNEDY 4:23:26 
211 ANDY COTTRELL 4:27:49
304 JOHN EALES 5:21:56


Parkrun 16th August
15 Mark KENNEDY 19:54
27 Ronnie AMBROSE 21:05
52 Roger TAYLOR 22:45
54 Wendy PARKER 22:51 - PB

107 Elaine PALMER 25:12
142 Mick BHOGAL 27:38
161 Helen BLACKBURN 28:43
197 Jonathan TICE 32:29

Parkruns - 23rd August
Northampton parkrun

19 Ilir BRECA 19:21
76 Jim ANDERSON 23:50
97 Elaine PALMER 24:30
170 Mick BHOGAL 28:44
181 Helen BLACKBURN 29:12
194 Rob BATEMAN 30:13

Darley parkrun

80 Jocelyn GRANGER 25:21

Brockenhurst parkrun
15 Ronnie AMBROSE 21:52
25 Wendy PARKER 24:00 - 1st in age category

Kimbolton Half Marathon

Eamon Kennedy completed the Kimbolton Half on 17th August.  A beautiful, undulating course just outside of Northants, Eamon crossed the line 1:49:08.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


9th August 2014
Andy BLAIZE 18:51
30 Ronnie AMBROSE 20:53
48 Sarah JONES 22:12
Wendy PARKER 23:08
Mark KENNEDY 23:09 - Pacer
Jim ANDERSON 24:01
Jocelyn GRANGER 24:35 - PB
Elaine PALMER 24:41
165 Helen BLACKBURN 29:08

2nd August 2014
6 I
lir BRECA 18:54
Mark KENNEDY 20:24
22 Ronnie AMBROSE 21:03
Wendy PARKER 23:04
Jim ANDERSON 23:36
Jocelyn GRANGER 24:37
Elaine PALMER 24:39
Tony KENNEDY 26:37
Helen BLACKBURN 29:14
Lynsey LOU 32:21


An NRR trio completed the Blisworth 5K on 1st August.

51 John Eales 22.45
88 Jon Dilworth 25.16
107 Colin Bricher 28.25

Friday, 1 August 2014

Wellingborough Five

The Wellingborough Five is a great event run by our friends at WDAC but their welcome extends beyond race day itself.

Three days prior to the race, the club turns out in force to practce the route and ensure that prepartions are made for the day itself.  Of course, the hosts like to ensure that their is a BBQ and a lot of fun thrown into the pot.

On the Thursday, a small clutch of NRR members went over to the Old Grammarians to run the route.  Mark Kennedy, Ronnie Ambrose, Sarah Jones, Wendy Parker, Eamon Kennedy, Martin Andrews and John Dilworth took part and stayed for a burger at the end.

Wellingborough are a fantastic club who offer the same enthuiasm and welcome similar to NRR and they will also be oving venue later this year.

Back to race day and Tony LETTS continued his fantastic recent form with a 28:22, was 2nd MV40 too.  Dave WHATTON finished in 34:44 and Sarah JONES completed her second running of the course in 36:05 - 6th FV45.

John EALES enjoyed a good run in 38:02 as did Tom SULLIVAN 39:18 and Andy Cottrell 39:14.

Eamon Kennedy is returning to the racing circuit with a 40:50 finish and it was good to see Micky BHOGAL running 44:50.  Carole WHATTON completed the line up in 50:31. 

9 Tony LETTS 28:22 2nd MV40
71 Dave WHATTON 34:44
94 Sarah JONES 36:05 6th FV45
121 John EALES 38:02
142 Tom SULLIVAN 39:18
145 Andy Cottrell 39:14
161 Eamon Kennedy 40:50
200 Micky BHOGAL 44:50
234 Carole WHATTON 50:31

Parkrun 26th July

Northampton Parkrun
7 Ilir BRECA 19:27
8 Mark GARRETT 19:38
11 Mark KENNEDY 20:06
15 Richard WILD 21:06
30 Sarah JONES 22:26
63 Jim ANDERSON 24:09
66 Elaine PALMER 24:33
123 Tony KENNEDY 27:33
156 Helen BLACKBURN 29:37

Lanhydrock Parkrun
21 Ronnie AMBROSE 24:48
51 Wendy PARKER 28:42

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tenby Marathon

Andy Sharky Cotters did the Wales Marathon in Tenby on Sunday 13th July and managed 4.12.48 on a very hilly course. Well done to Andy who is a running machine at the moment.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Charmout Challenge 5 July (Dorset)

Colin Bricher reported on the Charmout Challenge which he completed on 5th July...

"When one enters a fell race, one expects hills and rough terrain. However optional extras include steps, stiles and sheep-poo. For some years, I have struggled getting over stiles but it is something I can live with. For probably a similar length of time I have been unable run up or down steps: it is a bit of a nuisance going up, but not bad: however it is a great handicap going down as I have to walk instead of run.

It is over three years since I have done a fell race or raced over 7½ miles so I was taking on a bit tackling a 8 mile category B race. Uphill start before descending to the river and making the long climb up Stonebarrow Lane. I was coping for 4½ miles and reaching the summit, Golden Cap at 600' the highest point on the south coast. Striding down, my foot struck a sheep poo and I slid, landed on my side and nearly turned my ankle over. My quads had not tightened very much, but the jarring sped the process up and I was not losing too much ground. Itting the last mile downhill. Aagh steps, too many people came past. I finished really tired, unsure how much was the race and how much the fall."

224 Colin Bricher 1:11:07

Kids' Marathon Challenge

What a fabulous afternoon at the kids marathon challenge, 13 kids on each team (boys v girls) running a 300m lap. Each team completed 68 laps in total. Thanks to Paula Pinney who organised it to raise money for Children in Need!

Paula added, "I would like to say a huge thank you to everybody that made today possible, The Obelisk Centre for letting us use your venue, Sarah and your daughter (sorry I am rubbish with names) for your help, support and donations. 
The fab face painting girls Rachel and Sam. Dave for supporting the runners on the final leg of each lap. A huge well done to all of the kids who took part you are all superstars. 
The final time for the full marathon was 3 hours 30. It was a close run race between the lads and the girls, with the girls being the final victors by about 10 meters on the final lap. After the race all of the kids enjoyed donuts and the final few had a water fight that went down well. 
On the day we raised £174 after I paid for the bouncy castle (the only cost) We still have sponsor money to come so I will post what the final figure is in a couple of weeks when I can announce the winner of the bowling tickets for 6 people. 
Once again thank you, it was great to see so many kids enjoying themselves. We are planning to hold the event again next year. If you could not make it but would like to make a donation you can at"

Hatrick In One Weekend

John Eales had a weekend of madness a couple of weeks ago. Friday 11th, in the evening he completed the the Whissendine 6 mile in 48.32 followed by Adderbury half in 2.19.42 and completed with the Bushy 10K on Sunday in a time of 50.51.

Madness to the extreme...

July Parkruns

19th July 2014
Northampton Parkrun
9 Ilir BRECA 19:52
29 Sarah JONES 22:30
56 Elaine PALMER 24:23
95 Tony KENNEDY 26:52
147 Jonathan TICE 31:24

12th July 2014
Northampton Parkrun
21 Ilir BRECA 20:08
22 Mark GARRETT 20:14
43 Sarah JONES 22:09
69 Tom SULLIVAN 23:55
115 Robert BATEMAN 26:04
122 Tony KENNEDY 26:24
137 Paul HOLLEY 27:08
160 Helen BLACKBURN 29:00
219 Lynsey LOU 33:24

Poole parkrun
436 Jonathan TICE 31:11

5th July 2014
Northampton Parkrun
38 Sarah JONES 22:05
40 Mark KENNEDY 22:09 - Pacer
81 Jocelyn GRANGER 25:18

Waterstown parkrun
13 Elaine PALMER 24:32

Abbey 10K

Andy Sharkey Cotters did the Abbey 10K on Sunday 29th June. Situated in Ramsey , Cambridgeshire on a lovely flat course run mainly on farmers tracks and droves. 

Andy managed a sub 50, completed in 49:24 and would definitely recommend this race, it was well marshalled and there was a nice medal for all finishers.

Adderbury Running Festival

The Adderbury Running Festival on 12th July is a popular event for NRR members, a short hop to Oxfordshire for this multi-terrain course through beautiful countryside.

The beauty of the event is the friendliness of the marshals and the unpredictable course that has changed each year for the past four years.

The longer distance is the halfish, which this year measured at just over a half, an extra lap around the field was free of charge.  Also in the mix is the weather, this year was blindingly hot whereas two years ago the course was flooded...ah British summertime eh?

On the field, Mark Kennedy, running his fourth Adderbury, was first home for the club in 1:50:15.  Steve Prior was next but was distraught at the lac of cake this time...he finished in 1:53:56.  Darren Baldwin finished in 2:00:51 and John Eales in 2:19:42.  Suzanne Baldwin completed the line up in 2:20:30.

In the 10K was Paul Braddock and daughter Emily, completing her first 10K in 1:21:16.

29 Mark Kennedy 1:50:15
38 Steve Prior 1:53:56
51 Darren Baldwin 2:00:51
78 John Eales 2:19:42
79 Suzanne Baldwin 2:20:30

76 Paul Braddock 1:21:15
77 Emily Braddock 1:21:16

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Milton Keynes 10K

The East Midlands Grand Prix Series reached a climax at Milton Keynes on 1st July. This usually flat, fast course can usually throw up a challenge with the hot weather but this year was pleasantly cooler with a welcoming breeze making the race a little easier.

Tony Letts enjoyed a great series finishing 2nd M45 on the evening in 35:56 and 3rd M45 overall plus it was a PB too. Daniel Cook also grabbed a PB of 37:04 as did Stuart Drummond in 39:52 .

Mark Kennedy recorded his second quickest 10K in 41:31. The first lady to finish was Sarah Jones 45:25 just ahead of Beckie Hollowell in 46:14 who was two seconds ahead of Steve Prior 46:16

Wendy Parker completed her series with a fantastic 48:14 and Andy Cottrell was just behind in 48:37 and Paul Braddock closely followed in 49:12.

Tom Sullivan 50:23, Jon Dilworth 50:55 and Jo Letts 52:52  completed the line up.

22 Tony Letts 35:56 - 2nd M45 PB
39 Daniel Cook 37:04 PB
97 Stuart Drummond 39:52 PB
124 Mark Kennedy 41:31
230 Sarah Jones 45:25
252 Beckie Hollowell 46:14
256 Steve Prior 46:16
302 Wendy Parker 48:14
310 Andy Cottrell 48:37
318 Paul Braddock 49:12
333 Tom Sullivan 50:23
345 Jon Dilworth 50:55
366 Jo Letts 52:52

Well done to those who completed the series (five races out of eight minimum).

Senior Women
10 Charlotte Yarker

4 Rebecca Hollowell
10 Joanna Letts 


6 Sarah Jones

5 Wendy Parker 1098 Northampton Road Runners 5 6 5 8 6 5 9 7 27 5 27

Senior Men No.
13 Daniel Cook 

16 Simeon Howson
55 Matt Brand

3 Tony Letts
28 Paul Braddock

17 Steve Prior
28 Andy Cottrell

M55 No. Best Five Races Sil Rug Blis Cor Ban Har Wee MK Races Total 5 Total
13 Jon Dilworth


Parkrun 28th June

20 Matt BRAND 20:12
22 Mark KENNEDY 20:32
86 John EALES 24:29
122 Tony KENNEDY 26:04
143 Paul HOLLEY 27:12 PB
165 Richard ROSE 28:26
192 Jonathan TICE 30:00 PB
244 Sarah JONES 36:42

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Weedon 10K

The last but one East Midlands Grand Prix series took us to Weedon for a beautiful and (yet another) challenging course.

Daniel Cook enjoyed another good run with a top 30 finish in 37:47 and Simeon Howson finished in 38:49.

Matt Brand was close to the forty minute barrier 40:10 and Sarah Jones kept up her series run with a 47:08.  Close behind was Steve Prior 47:39 and Beckie Hollowell 48:36, followed by John Eales 49:45.

Wendy Parker completed her fourth race in five days (wow) in 51:02.  Jon Dilworth has had a good series too with 51:28.  Paul Braddock 52:10, Tom Sullivan 52:42 and Colin Bricher 59:15 completed the line up.

30 Daniel Cook 37:47
41 Simeon Howson 38:49
59 Matt Brand 40:10
162 Sarah Jones 47:08
169 Steve Prior 47:39
187 Beckie Hollowell 48:36
203 John Eales 49:45
214 Wendy Parker 51:02
218 Jon Dilworth 51:28
225 Paul Braddock 52:10
228 Tom Sullivan 52:42
270 Colin Bricher 59:15

Colworth Challenge Weekend - 20/21/22 June (Too Hot To Trot)

This is the biggest write up of the year due to the massive turn-out we had at this weekend. If I miss you out, sorry.

We set up camp to find we were by far the largest gang camping, joined by family, young kids, youths and pets and all seemed to have a great time.

Some came just for one race, others to attempt the three. Some came to do one and ended up running all three.

34 of us ran 69 races between us totalling 720 miles + under a burning sun.

All the kids ran in the junior races and were showing off their medals to all.

30 of us took part in the Fri 5, some new faces and some old ones also. Hardened Colworth veterans and newbies wondering what they were in for.

A nice gentle 5 miler on a beautiful evening followed by food, beer, football. Nothing to it.

Saturday is a different story however. The campers were joined by those softies preferring their home comforts for the dreaded 8.1 mile trail race.

Although dry and hard this year was particularly tough due to the long grass and deep, rock-hard ruts and there were many tales of falls, grazes and bruises at the finish line. Twenty ran, walked, swore, and hobbled their way round with the thought of cake and more beer to help them along. The 12 o’clock start and very hot day ensured that there were some very red faces on the finishers.

The campers waved off the home lovers and settled down to talking rubbish, a few drinks, and judging the bake off. I wonder if Mo could compete on burgers and beer. Steve got his table of torture out and rubbed up sore calf muscles with the old burger fat.

Sunday morning started at 4.30am with the sun turning my tent into an oven. Another hot one was on the way.

It is by now easy to tell who has been camping by their semi-comatose condition. Still only a mere 13.1 miles to do.

19 of us completed the half, and of those 19 an amazing 16 had completed the whole 3 race marathon challenge. All were frazzled and shattered at the finish however all knew they had completed what is a very special event. First time Challenge finishers always deserve a mention and they were Keren, Jo Letts, John Eales, Steve and Beckie.

This events popularity with us is all due to Mick Clarke. He started running it over 10 years ago. Every year he nagged a few more to join him. Numbers from NRR grew and grew and here we are now.

Mick's last Challenge, 2013 saw him collect his 10 year award. As a tribute to Mick Colworth Striders presented a special commemorative Mick Clarke Award to the oldest finisher of the Challenge.

After the awards were dished out with trophies for Tony and Wendy it was time to relax, and try and chill out.

So another Colworth over. Same weekend next year however the weather can never be as good again can it.

Congratulations to everybody whether running, supporting, marshalling, entertaining or whatever. A damn fine weekend that took my mind off the footy.

The kids were good fun, the dogs behaved, the support was very welcome and the running was pretty good also.

Colworth striders once again put on a fantastic event and we are very grateful for their efforts.

See you next year hopefully. Number 9 for me.

Mark Garrett

Colworth Friday 5 mile
7 Tony Letts 29:09 - 1st mv40
47 Stu Drummond 34:27
65 Mark Garrett 35:33
79 Dave Whatton 36:24
91 Darren Baldwin 37:03
100 Ronnie Ambrose 37:37
111 Jo Windrum 38:12
112 Beckie Hollowell 38:13
115 Steve Prior 38:16
149 John Eales 40:10
151 Wendy Parker 40:17
162 Jasmine Banks 40:49
163 Jim Anderson 40:51
171 Elaine Palmer 41:26
193 Sharky Cottrell 42:39
198 Becky Eldridge 43:12
199 Richard Wild 43:13
228 Alan Palmer 45:02
236 Eamon Kennedy 45:29
251 Andy Pate 46:09
261 Suzanne Baldwin 47:10
262 Jo Letts 47:14
299 Paula Pinney 51:08
310 Carole Whatton 52:50
311 Rachael Smith 52:58
312 Jo Smith 52:59
321 Carrick Baldwin 54:12
322 Coral Baldwin 54:12
328 Keren Irving 55:40
332 Sally Garrett 57:22

Sat 8.1 mile Trail Race
7 Tony Letts 52:34 - 1st mv40
50 Mark Garrett 1:06:32
68 Ronnie Ambrose 1:08:58
75 Steve Prior 1:09:29
76 Darren Baldwin 1:10:01
83 Beckie Hollowell 1:10:38
98 John Eales 1:12:49
99 Martin Rowe 1:12:55
105 Jim Anderson 1:13:53
111 Sharky Cottrell 1:14:44
124 Elaine Palmer 1:16:30
126 Jo Smith 1:16:46
128 Suzanne Baldwin 1:17:21
144 Eamon Kennedy 1:20:00
145 Wendy Parker 1:20:05
154 Caroline Powell 1:22:09
156 Jo Letts 1:23:45
205 Keren Irving 1:45:40
206 Spike Breydin 1:47:45
207 Sally Garrett 1:50:44

Sunday 13.1 mile half
8 Tony Letts 1:24:56 - 1st MV40
19 Andy Blaize 1:33:14
39 Stu Drummond 1:41:05
45 Mark Garrett 1:42:59
53 Richard Wild 1:44:21
69 Ronnie Ambrose 1:48:20
91 Steve Prior 1:53:07
93 Beckie Hollowell 1:53:39
97 Darren Baldwin 1:54:45
108 Wendy Parker 1:59:10 - 1st FV50
117 Sharky Cottrell 2:01:45
120 Jim Anderson 2:02:11
136 Elaine Palmer 2:06:33
143 Jo Smiff 2:07:37
154 Eamon Kennedy 2:10:14
158 John Eales 2:11:08
175 Suzanne Baldwin 2:15:13
179 Jo Letts 2:16:20
216 Keren Irving 2:54:53

Full Marathon Challenge
Tony Letts 2:46:39 - 7th overall
Mark Garrett 3:25:04 – 8th challenge completed
Ronnie Ambrose 3:34:55 - 6th challenge completed
Steve Prior 3:40:52 - 1st full challenge
Darren Baldwin 3:41:49
Beckie Hollowell 3:42:30 - 1st full challenge
Jim Anderson 3:56:55
Sharky Cottrell 3:59:08
Wendy Parker 3:59:27
John Eales 4:04:07 - 1st full challenge
Elaine Palmer 4:04:29
Eamon Kennedy 4:15:39
Jo Smiff 4:17:22 - 7th challenge
Suzanne Baldwin 4:19:44
Jo Letts 4:27:19 - 1st timer only came over to eat cake.
Keren Irving 5:36 13 - 1st timer, ran injured, only intended 2 runs but carried away in excitement, fantastic effort.

I apologise if I missed you out of results.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Parkrun 21st June

13 Ilir BRECA 19:4496 Robert BATEMAN 25:14
Tony KENNEDY 25:57
Helen BLACKBURN 29:22
Jane HOLLEY 29:32
Paul HOLLEY 29:32
Richard ROSE 51:14 Pacer

Harborough Five

The Harborough Five is another part of the EMGP famed for its hills, namely the climb from three to four miles but when you've conquered it, it is really that bad.

NRR was proud to have four finishers in top 40 (or 32 as Simeon would say).

David Green had another storming run with a 27:09 finish.  Tony Letts recorded a PB in 28:44 and Daniel Cook finished 31st in 29:46, one place ahead of Simeon Howson 29:54.
Matt Brand finished in 31:42 and Mark Kennedy was pleased with a 33:49 finish.  Pete Moor was next in 35:16.

Sarah Jones was first NRR lady in 35:53 and Steve Prior was next for the men in 36:51.  More ladies, Charlotte Yarker 37:00, Beckie Hollowell 37:18 and Wendy Parker 39:04.

Two Jon/Johns and two different spellings were to follow, John Eales 39:28 and Jon Dilworth 39:50.

Elaine Palmer finished in 40:30 ahead of Tom Sullivan 41:20  and Jo Letts 43:44

7 David Green 27:09 
17 Tony Letts 28:44 
31 Daniel Cook 29:46 
32 Simeon Howson 29:54 
61 Matt Brand 31:42 
97 Mark Kennedy 33:49 
132 Peter Moor 35:16
148 Sarah Jones 35:53
174 Steve Prior 36:51 
179 Charlotte Yarker 37:00 
187 Beckie Hollowell 37:18 
218 Wendy Parker 39:04 
224 John Eales 39:28 
233 Jon Dilworth 39:50 
248 Elaine Palmer 40:30 
257 Tom Sullivan 41:20
291 Jo Letts 43:44



Parkrun 14th June

4 Simeon HOWSON 18:2123 Mark KENNEDY 20:34
27 Ilir BRECA
20:4282 Jim ANDERSON 24:40
91 Elaine PALMER
100 Eamon KENNEDY
104 Robert BATEMAN
109 Jo LETTS
118 Tony KENNEDY
145 Kelly ROBINS

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Banbury Five

Round five of the East Midlands Grand Prix Series is the Banbury Five, an undulating country route with some excellent fast downhill stretches.

A record twenty NRR members took on the challenge and, not wishing the sun away, thankfully the clouds appeared for the time around the race making conditions cooler.

There were some fantastic performances again, Tony Letts was 3rd M45 in 29:02, only ten days after his ultra adventure.  Simon Howson was just over the half hour in 30:09 and Andy Blaize ran 31:06.

Matt Brand, another ultra guy, finished in 31:12 and Mark Kennedy finished in 33:57. 
Peter Moor, also fresh from his ultra, finished in 35:19.

Sarah Jones continues to go from strength to strength, finishing in 35:47 and was 3rd F45 overall.

Next to cross the line was Steve Prior (36:15) followed by Charlotte Yarker (36:31), Beckie Hollowell 37:36 and John Eales weren't far behind in 37:58.  Four more runners all finished just under the 40 minute barrier too, Andy Cottrell (39:09), Jon Dilworth 39:14, Wendy Parker (39:21) and Paul Braddock (39:53).

Elaine Palmer was next home in 40:42 followed by Jo Smith 41:54, Jo Letts 43:38 and Colin Bricher 46:09.  Finally was Eamon Kennedy (46:21), rumour has it that he was seen running in the opposite direction on the course.

23 Tony Letts 29:02 3rd M45
46 Simon Howson 30:09
60 Andy Blaize 31:06
62 Matt Brand 31:12
139 Mark Kennedy 33:57
180 Peter Moor 35:19
192 Sarah Jones 35:47 3rd F45
203 Steve Prior 36:15
214 Charlotte Yarker 36:31
240 Rebecca Hollowell 37:36
243 John Eales 37:58
265 Andy Cottrell 39:09
266 Jon Dilworth 39:14
269 Wendy Parker 39:21
277 Paul Braddock 39:53
291 Elaine Palmer 40:42
314 Jo Smith 41:54
344 Jo Letts 43:38
368 Colin Bricher 46:09
369 Eamon Kennedy 46:21

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Race For Life

Well done to everyone who took part in and supporting Race For Life on Sunday 8th June.  Around 4,000 ladies took part in the 5K and 10K distances raising thousands of pounds for charity and the chaps were there to cheer them on

Well done also to Sarah Jones who came second overall in the 10K and to Charlotte Yarker for a top ten finish.

The Otmoor Challenge

Northampton (off) Road Runners have had the Otmoor Challenge on the calendar for the past few years. The half marathon(ish) route takes a trip around the Oxforshire countryside offering a mix of country roads, fields and trails with the start/finish time, unusually at 2pm, is part of the village's annual fate.

Seven NRR off roaders made the sort trip this year with the lure of cake and a beer tent at the finish, they set off in the hot but muddy conditions.

It was good to see seasoned cross countryman Mark Garrett back in his trail shoes and he finished in a very respectable 1:40:36. Ronnie Ambrose finished in 1:53:34 seconds ahead of Beckie Hollowell 1:53:38. Mark Kennedy completed his third Otmoor in a row in 1:58:53 (enjoying the jelly baby stop at mile 10). 

John Eales made his off road running debut with a fantastic 2:00:20 finish and Jim Anderson was close to follow him home in 2:02:57. Wendy Parker was next in 2:05:35 and Suzanne Baldwin completed a great line up 2:12:46.

71 Mark Garrett 1:40:36
140 Ronnie Ambrose 1:53:34
144 Beckie Hollowell 1:53:38
177 Mark Kennedy 1:58:53
189 John Eales 2:00:20
204 Jim Anderson 2:02:57
214 Wendy Parker 2:05:35

250 Suzanne Baldwin 2:12:46

Northampton Parkrun 7th June

6 Simeon HOWSON 18:21
18 Andy BLAIZE 19:41
36 Sarah JONES 21:31 - New PB
85 Jon DILWORTH 24:39
113 Tony KENNEDY 26:13
147 Paul HOLLEY 27:54 - First Timer
169 Elaine PALMER 29:18
202 Jonathan TICE 32:37

Corby Five

The East Midlands Grand Prix series reached the halfway point at East Carlton Country Park on the Northants Leics border.

An undulating route starts ends with an uphill climb back into the grounds of the park to offer competitors a challenge.

This year was damp to start and thankfully everyone avoided the torrential downpour that followed in the evening.

A clutch of NRR members put in some great performances on the night, David Green was 4th overall in a fantastic time of 27:00.  Daniel Cook finished 26th on the night in 29:26.

Simeon Howson was back on track with a 31:26 finish and Stu Drummond enjoyed a good run in 32:33. Mark Kennedy was next to finish bang on 35 minutes with Adrian Tuck close behind in 35:26. 

Sarah Jones was the First Lady to finish in 36:34 with Beckie Hollowell (37:04) and Charlotte Yarker (37:41) close behind. 

John Eales finished in 38:03 followed by Wendy Parker 39:26, Jon Dilworth 39:36, Paul Braddock 40:21 and Elaine Palmer 40:47.  Jo Letts grabbed a new PB in 43:47.

4 David Green 27:00
26 Daniel Cook 29:26
57 Simeon Howson 31:26
77 Stu Drummond 32:33
127 Mark Kennedy 35:00
135 Adrian Tuck 35:26
160 Sarah Jones 36:34
171 Beckie Hollowell 37:04
181 Charlotte Yarker 37:41
187 John Eales 38:03
205 Wendy Parker 39:26
206 Jon Dilworth 39:36
220 Paul Braddock 40:21
227 Elaine Palmer 40:47
264 Jo Letts 43:47 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Ultra Madness

On 1st June, seven brave souls pushed themselves to the limit with the 35 mile Northants Ultra starting out from the lovely Lamport Hall.  Sometimes people say Northants is a flat county but if you talk to any of these people, they will tell you otherwise.
Tony Letts finished 7th overall in the event timed at 5:00:55, pretty impressive eh?  Matt Brand took part last year and finished in 5:26:38, 14th overall.

Jon Panter had a storming run and looked pretty fresh at the end after 6:24:10 on his feet.  Richard Cormack, also a veteran from last year and smashed 90 minutes off his time too - 7:12:57.

Pete Moor hit legendary status by smashing the Edinburgh Marathon one week, deciding to enter this ultra on a whim and then smashing it in 7:17:51.

Jocelyn Granger loves a challenge and was back for more for her second appearance and again put together a good team - 7:23:59
Andy Cottrell 7:50:42 completed a fabulous line up that was well supported by a cheering crowd of NRR at the finish line.
Everybody stayed until the end to cheer all on until Andy crossed the finish line (including Tony and Matt who had finished earlier), that is what makes this club so proud.  Well done all.
7 Tony Letts 5:00:55
14 Matt Brand 5:26:38
47 Jon Panter 6:24:10
102 Richard Cormack 7:12:57
110 Pete Moor 7:17:51
112 Jocelyn Granger 7:23:59
138 Andy Cottrell 7:50:42

A Lovely New Half

John Eales travelled down to Histon in Cambs to take part in the inaugural Flaming June Half Marathon. A multi terrain course, thoroughly enjoyable. Completed in a time of 1:58:43 and well recommended for future reference.

Parkrun Results 31st May

28 Mark KENNEDY 20:29
50 Jon DILWORTH 23:09
57 Jo LEE 24:06
71 Elaine PALMER 24:34

76 James ANDERSON 24:49
87 Suzanne BALDWIN 25:24 -plus Casey the dog
100 Tony KENNEDY 26:04
192 Jonathan TICE 31:39

Edinburgh Marathon

Pete Moor completed the Edinburgh Marathon on May 26th in a fantastic time of 3:53:50.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Blisworth Five

Welcome to round three of the East Midlands Grand Prix and back to the well established Blisworth Friday Five which became art of the series last year. 

There were some storming runs from NRR on the night with David Green finishing 3rd overall in 26:46 and Tony Letts was 1st M45 in 28:51.

Daniel Cook also broke 30 minutes in 29:25 and Ilir Brecani finished in 32:26 ahead of Stu Drummond 32:49 and Jon Panter 34:31.

It is good to see Steve Prior back racing with a respectable 35:59 finish.
Next home was a trio of ladies, Sarah Jones 36:11, Charlotte Yarker 36:43 and Beckie Hollowell 37:19

Martin Andrews finished in 37:48 racing to the line ahead of John Eales 37:51 and
Caroline Powell.

Paul Braddock enjoyed a good run in 40:36 with Eamon Kennedy and Andy Cottrell neck and neck in 41:35 (was it a photo finish?)

Colin Bricher was next to finish in 45:48 ahead of Jo Letts 46:07. 

3 David Green 26:46
26 Tony Letts 28:51 1st M45
32 Daniel Cook 29:25
97 Ilir Brecani 32:26
105 Stu Drummond 32:49
149 Jon Panter 34:31
176 Steve Prior 35:59
183 Sarah Jones 36:11
192 Charlotte Yarker 36:43
203 Beckie Hollowell 37:19
217 Martin Andrews 37:48
219 John
Eales 37:51 
Caroline Powell 37:55
272 Paul Braddock 40:36
298 Eamon Kennedy 41:35
299 Andy Cottrell 41:35
357 Colin Bricher 45:48

360 Jo Letts 46:07
408 David Brooks 56:00

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Parkrun Saturday 24th May

NRR had Parkrunners all over the nation on Saturday.

Well done to Jonathan Tice who completed his first Parkrun graduating from the beginners' group

Edinburgh Parkrun
106 Jon DILWORTH 23:21

Northampton Parkrun
27 3 Sarah JONES 22:44
111 81 Jonathan TICE 31:32

Darlington South Park Parkrun
18 Mark KENNEDY 20:03

Corby Parkrun
26 John EALES 25:00

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Parkrun Results 17th May

11 Ilir BRECA 19:21
35 Sarah JONES 22:12
41 Jon DILWORTH 22:44 - New PB!
Elaine PALMER 24:27
71 Eamon KENNEDY 24:31
74 Jo LEE 24:38
80 Jim ANDERSON 25:04
162 Helen BLACKBURN 30:01
173 Elizabeth PARKER 31:01 - New PB!
Ronnie AMBROSE 31:02 - Pacer

Cobra Classic

Tony and Jo Letts completed the Cobra Classic 10K in Halesowen on Sunday 18th May.  The course is described as, "bloody tough" by Tony, the last three miles are up hill.  
Tony was first MV40 in 38:00 and Jo finished in 1:00:40.

4 Tony Letts 38:00
73 Jo Letts 1:00:40

Friday, 16 May 2014

Rugby 6

Nineteen NRR runners ran the second event of the East Midlands Grand Prix on Wednesday 14th May.  A beautiful sunny evening saw a big field in attendance for the undulating challenging route.

Tony Letts was first home in 35:26 and was 2nd M45.  Simon Howson had a storming run in 37:00 exactly and Matt Brand was close on his heels in 37:32.
Pete Moor was next home in 42:43 followed by Adrian Tuck making his return in 43:16.
Beckie Hollowell was the first lady for the club 44:25 with Charlotte Yarker hot on her heels in 44:39.  Sarah Jones continued to go from strength to strength with 46:13 finish.  Martin Andrews came home in 46:22 followed by Caroline Powell 46:27 and John Eales 46:30

Wendy Parker 46:48 and Darren Byfield 47:18 were in the next clutch of runners followed by Jon Dilworth 47:29 and Elaine Palmer 48:47.
Jo Smith, another regular on the EMGP circuit, finished in 49:50 followed by Andy Cottrell 50:53 and Eamon Kennedy 51:13.  Jo Letts completed the line up with a fantastic 56:23 finish.

23 Tony Letts 35:26  - 2nd M45
48 Simon Howson 37:00
52 Matt Brand 37:32
147 Pete Moor 42:43
163 Adrian Tuck 43:16
182 Beckie Hollowell 44:25
187 Charlotte Yarker 44:39

223 Sarah Jones 46:13
225 Martin Andrews 46:22
228 Caroline Powell 46:27
229 John Eales 46:30
235 Wendy Parker 46:48
238 Darren Byfield 47:18

242 Jon Dilworth 47:29
267 Elaine Palmer 48:47

283 Joanna Smith 49:50
295 Andy Cottrell 50:53
300 Eamon Kennedy 51:13
338 Jo Letts 56:23