Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Marathon Masters

"If you think you can or you think you can't, you're probably right!" A quote form the great Henry Ford...

Well if you think you can run a marathon then chances are you can and you will! 

Huge congratualtion to Charlotte Yarker for not only completing her first ever marathon in Paris at the weekend but she smashed the four hour barrier in 3:54:56.

Unfortunately the club banner has yet to be seen on the Eiffel Tower though...

At Brighton, Richard Wild ran a brilliant 3:47:53 and John Eales did 4:33:43. 

Three terrific achievements all round...more to follow next week...

Charlotte Yarker 3:54:56

Richard Wild 3:47:53
John Eales 4:33:43

Parkrun Results 6th April

14 Ilir BRECA 19:29
35 Mark KENNEDY 20:52

97 Eamon KENNEDY 24:59
105 Jo LEE 25:25
112 Tony KENNEDY 25:50

Monday, 31 March 2014

Coventry Half

Pete Moor ran the Coventry Half on Sunday 23rd March in a fantastic time of 1:34:31 grabbing a new PB.

NRR Parkrun 100 Day

Northampton Road Runners were extremely proud to help host the 100th Northampton Parkrun. Numbers of volunteers, runners and pacers attended the event sporting our famous club colours.

The day saw a record number of 322 participants turn out out to make the most of the spring sunshine.  Michael Aldridge of Wootton RR also broke the course record with a time of 15:33, expertly led by Jim on the lead bike.

75 Mark KENNEDY 22:05 - pacer
137 Tony KENNEDY 25:17
217 Suzanne BALDWIN 29:02 -pacer
224 Paula PINNEY 29:19 - pacer
225 Darren (& Casey) Baldwin 29:21- barkrun
234 Karen EKE 29:43
272 John OLIVER 32:11
290 Sue SUMMERS 34:01
291 Lynsey LOU 34:04

Stanford Hall Half Marathon

Sarah Jones completed her first ever half marathon at Stanford Hall on Sunday 23rd March in a time of 1:49.45  Well done to Sarah who is flying at the moment.

Loughborough Half

A super trio went to the Loughborough Half Marathon on Sunday 23rd March.

Tony Letts had a great run finishing 25th overall in a time of 1:24:51.  Jo Cummings recorded a great time of 2:07:43 ahead of Helen Blackburn in 2:22:18.

25 Tony Letts 1:24:51
594 Joanna Cummings 2:07:43
737 Helen Blackburn 2:22:18 

Oakley 20

An old favourite for marathon training, the Oakley 20 is a short journey to Bedford for a two lap affair through lovely countryside.  The first lap is 12 miles and the second slightly shorter cumulating in a winding finish through a housing estate to a big cheer at the end.

Nine NRR members tried their luck on the day and there were some fantastic performances.

53 Daniel Cook 2:16:51
292 Beckie 
Hollowell 2:46:33
390 Wendy Parker 2:54:00
393 Richard Wild 2:54:05

407 Jon Dilworth 2:55:12
408 Robert Donovan 2:55:11
439 Caroline Powell 2:56:36
442 Eamon Kennedy 2:56:47
547 Suzanne Baldwin 3:09:20
651 Jocelyn Granger 3:21:13 

Parkrun 22nd March

36 Mark KENNEDY 22:00 - now that's pacing!
64 Tom SULLIVAN 24:00
72 Elaine PALMER 24:18
117 Jo LEE  26:05
118 Tony KENNEDY 26:22
Colin Bricher completed the Halesowen Cross Country back on 4th January finishing in 169th. The course offered tight schedules and a slippery sideways slopes.

He followed this race up with the Midland Cross-Country Champs at Leamington on 25th February with a time of 90:28.

Ashby 20

Sorry, missed results from Ashby 20 on 9th March
516  Charlotte Yarker 2:54:18
741  Tom Sullivan 3:13:03

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Parkrun 15th March

10 Ilir BRECA 19:08
25 Gary MCDANIELS 20:47
34 Pete MOOR 21:34
37 Sarah JONES 21:44 PB
38 Mark KENNEDY 21:45
76 Elaine PALMER 24:28 PB
82 Robert BATEMAN 24:50 
116 Tony KENNEDY 26:20

A Mad Sunday...

Sunday 9th March saw NRR travel the country to various events and there were achievements a plenty.

Let us start at the closest point, the Battlefield Run at Naseby.

Finishing 23rd overall was Robert Donovan in 1:50:20 and Sarah Jones was second lady in 48:06, a new PB.

23 Robert Donovan 1:50:20


15 Sarah Jones 48:06

Next up, the Milton Keynes Festival Of Running.  In the Half Marathon, there were some debuts and some great times.  David Green finished 11th overall in 1:17:11.  Well done to Ilir Brecani (1:35:50) and Lyndsey Breci (3:00:10) who made their half marathon debuts.  Jon Dilworth (1:53:54) and Jo Lee (2:06:17) enjoyed great runs.

At the 10K distance, Eamon Kennedy (49:15) and Darren Windows (50:41) completed the course.

Half Marathon
David Green 1:17:11 - 11th overall
Ilir Brecani 1:35:50 - First Ever Half

Jon Dilworth 1:53:54
Jo Lee 2:06:17
Lyndsey Breci 3:00:10 - First Ever Half

Eamon Kennedy 49:15
Darren Windows 50:41

A short hop over the other side of the county border, Richard Wild did the Cambridge Half in 1:34:36

Cambridge Half Richard Wild 1:34:36

Mark Garrett went a little
further afield to the New Forest for the John Austin Half Marathon, a beautiful route in which he clocked 1:36:57

John Austin Half Marathon  70 Mark Garrett 1:36:57

Finally to Devon for the much loved and much talked about legendary Grizzly this year named Withering Heights (Featuring Heath and Cliff!)
A trio took on the Cub Run, a nine mile loop from Seaton to Brankscombe via the pretty village of Beer (yes we need one of those at the end).

Martin Andrews finished in 1:32:17 and Jim Anderson in 1:52:04.  Sandwiched between was Ronnie Ambrose in 1:43:26, making his return from injury.  Ronnie's last race was the Beast in Dorset so why not pick something easy to return...the Grizzly!

The Full Grizzly takes runners another ten miles over more cliffs, more hills, more fields and add a couple of muddy bogs to make the journey more 'enjoyable'.

Matt Brand enjoyed an amazing run in 3:10:10 with Stuart Drummond and Pete Moor making their debuts (after discussing a sub 7 minute mile one pace strategy, they gave up and enjoyed the scenery).  Darren Baldwin returned for his second attempt and broke four hours with 3:57:29 as did 
Wendy Parker 3:58:59 in her third Grizzly adventure.

Jocelyn Granger made her third appearance 4:20:30 and Suzanne Baldwin her second 4:28:25

Paul Braddock 4:28:22 and Mark Kennedy 4:38:35 raced for the medical room at the end with a cuts and bruises but both are fine.  Paul holds the record for six falls in his event...that will go some way to be beaten.

Cub Run
52 Martin Andrews 1:32:17
116 Ronnie Ambrose 1:43:26
192 Jim Anderson 1:52:04

Full Grizzly 
154 Matt Brand 3:10:10
309 Stuart Drummond 3:27:31
337 Pete Moor 3:31:14
717 Darren Baldwin 3:57:29

741 Wendy Parker 3:58:59
997 Jocelyn Granger 4:20:30
1130 Paul Braddock 4:28:22
1132 Suzanne Baldwin 4:28:25
1224 Mark Kennedy 4:38:35

Parkrun 8th March

93 Tony KENNEDY 25:47
120 Mick BHOGAL 27:15
134 Richard ROSE 28:03

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Berkhamsted Beauty and Silverstone Speed

2nd March saw NRR take runners to Berkhamsted and Silverstone for two Half Marathon Challenges.

Both courses are different in many ways, Berkhamsted offers countryside views and a few playful hills both up and down.  The route takes in lovely national forest and passes the Ashbridge Estate before a welcome decent in the last mile to the finish line.

Silverstone is a mutli lap course around the world famous circuit, flat and fast, although a strong headwind made this year's event a little tougher.

Jon Panter was close to a PB at Berkhamsted and Andy Cottrell nailed his at Silverstone.


223 Mark Kennedy 1:37:13
283 Jon Panter 1:40:29
676 Tom Sullivan 1:55:52
717 Jocelyn Granger 1:57:33

Andy Cottrell 1:45:23 PB
Eamon Kennedy 1:45:35
John Eales 1:51:11

Pauline Horne 2:08:16
Paula Pinney 2:14:15
Dave Solomon 2:15:34

Belvior Challenge

Wendy Parker completed the tough and muddy Belvoir challenge on Saturday 1st March in 2:47:49

134 Wendy Parker 2:47:49

Parkrun 1st March

Corby Parkrun Event 22
19 John EALES 23:55

Northampton Parkrun Event 96
55 Sarah JONES 22:56
84 Mark KENNEDY 24:03 - Pacer
100 Jo LEE 25:27
122 Robert BATEMAN 26:39
156 Richard ROSE 27:57

Parkrun 22nd February

Finsbury Parkrun
4 Danson NJOKA 18:55

Northampton Parkrun - Event 95
13 Mark KENNEDY 20:13  
59 Sarah JONES 23:19
106 Jim ANDERSON 25:54
123 Tony KENNEDY 26:45

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Valentines 30K

Can you feel the love?  Well these ten NRR members probably didn't love the driving wind at Stamford on Sunday 16th February for this hilly 30K event.

Stu Drummond was first home for the club in 2:22:33 with Matt Brand minutes behind (2:23:54).  Beckie Hollowell enjoyed a great time of 2:28:33 and Pete Moor finished in 2:32:52.

John Eales was next (2:35:43) followed by Eamon Kennedy (is there a race he doesn't do?) 2:43:11 and Andy Cotterell and Caroline Powell crossing the line together in 2:44:29.

Jon Dilworth did his longest ever run in 2:49:34 and Martin Andrews completed the line up 3:01:04.

181 Stu Drummond 2:22:33
193 Matt Brand 2:23:54
250 Beckie Hollowell 2:28:33
301 Pete Moor 2:32:52
322 John Eales 2:35:43
379 Eamon Kennedy 2:43:11
394 Andy Cotterell 2:44:29
395 Caroline Powell 2:44:29
430 Jon Dilworth 2:49:34
517 Martin Andrews 3:01:04

Parkrun - 15/02/2014

Corby Parkrun, event 20, 15/02/2014.
21 John EALES 24:54

Northampton Parkrun, event 94, 15/02/2014.
22 Mark KENNEDY 21:28
48 Sarah JONES 24:11
73 Robert BATEMAN 25:48
121 Richard ROSE 28:57
140 John OLIVER 31:04

Wellingborough Dirt Run Round Three

Huge well done to Tony Letts for another great finish in the Wellingborough Dirt Run.  He was 4th place in a time of 56:20.

Tony completed the series of three races with two 4th place finishes and a 6th.

4th Tony Letts 56:20

Friday, 14 February 2014

Northampton Parkrun - Event 93 - 08/02/2014

Northampton Parkrun - Event 93 - 08/02/2014
12 Ilir BRECA 20:11
25 Mark KENNEDY 21:22
50 Sarah JONES 23:31
60 Eamon KENNEDY 23:41
65 Andy COTTRELL 23:55
84 Elaine PALMER 25:17
94 Tony KENNEDY 25:42
99 Tom SULLIVAN 26:03
168 John OLIVER 29:40

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Dirt Run Round 2

A huge performance for Tony Letts at Round Two of the Dirt Run at Irchester Country Park.  Tony finished 4th in the 15K in a brilliant time of 56:10.

Elmer Flores also completed the 15K route in 1:08:58 and Jo Cummings ran the 10K in 57:37.
4th Tony Letts 56:10
40th Elmer Flores 1:08:58

74th Jo Cummings 57:37

50 Shades of Mud – Charnwood Hills 2nd Feb

In Sweden (or is it Norway) they have 50 different words to describe snow. Why do we only have one measly three letter word for mud.
I like mud. I enjoy running in mud and getting muddy, I always have. However I realised whilst running (joke) the 14 miles of Charnwood Hills just how many different sorts of mud there are.
  • Sticky treacle type mud- yes we had that
  • Wet slippery cement like mud – lots and lots of that
  • Mud you could wrestle in – yes lots of that type
  • Mud stinking of cowshit and a greenish colour – yes we had that also
  • Mud full of grit – that also – mainly under lots of water
  • Mud that flicks up in your eye and gets up your nose somehow – found some of that
  • Mud that sticks to jelly babies and add to the taste – didn’t mind that type
  • Uphill mud – inconvenient
  • Downhill mud – comical or dangerous depending how mad you are
As you may have gathered Charnwood hills was a touch muddy this year. It is always muddy however the general consensus was that on the MUD scale it reached new heights (or depths).
But best of all about mud is that it washes off and is soon forgotten about. Unlike paint.
Mark Garrett 2:16:05
Wendy Parker 2:38:58
Jocelyn Granger 2:43:45

Parkrun 1st February

Darlington South Park Parkrun - Event 62
24 Mark KENNEDY 21:31

Great Northern welcome on a three lap course.  Shouts of, "Go on Mr Northampton!" each lap.  Brilliant support!

Northampton Parkrun - Event 92
12 Ilir BRECA 20:05
14 Sam BROWN 20:16
19 Pete MOOR 20:51
47 Jon DILWORTH 23:04
51 Martin ANDREWS 23:19
60 Eamon KENNEDY 23:40
83 Robert BATEMAN 25:02
110 Tony KENNEDY 26:23
121 Jo LEE 26:41
226 Lynsey LOU 39:44
232 Mark ROSE 44:54

Parkrun 25th January

Corby Parkrun - Event 17
23 John EALES 23:51

Northampton Parkrun - Event 91
13 Ilir BRECA 20:01
17 Pete MOOR 20:13
25 Mark KENNEDY 20:45
99 Tony KENNEDY 25:47
104 Elaine PALMER 26:22

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Inskip Half

Richard Gent did the Inskip Half on 19th January. His time 1:52:51, a new PB.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Dirt Run Round 1

The Fab Five took on the muddy challenge of the newly named Dirt Run at Irchester Country Park.  A multi-lap, multi-terrain challenge through the beautiful surroundings of the woodland offered plenty of mud to wade through as well as the famous climb in the middle of the loop.

Well done to Tony Letts for a fantastic 6th place finish.  There are two more rounds to follow in February.

123 Mary Sullivan 57:06

6 Tony Letts  56:22
52 Elmer Aparicio Flores 1:08:28
62 Mark Kennedy 1:10:18
132 Tom Sullivan  1:28:44

Folksworth 15

A handful of NRR made a short hop to the Folksworth 15 on Sunday 19th January.

 64 Matt Brand 1:44:54
122 Peter Moor 1:52:07
179 Rebecca Hollowell 1:59:06
229 Charlotte Yarker 2:06:11
234 Eamon Kennedy2:06:56

Parkrun 18th January

Bexley Parkrun
2 Sam BROWN 19:33

Corby Parkrun
112 John EALES 43:15

Northampton Parkrun
24 Pete MOOR 20:56
40 Ilir BRECA 00:21:46
69 Sarah JONES 23:05
74 Mark KENNEDY 23:15 - pacer man
93 Martin ANDREWS 24:28
112 Robert BATEMAN 25:35
190 Sue SUMMERS 30:23

Friday, 17 January 2014

Dunstable Cross Country 12th Jan 2014

Last time we ran at Dunstables chalk quarry XC course it was that foggy that you didn’t realise you were stood on the top of a cliff. This time however it was worth stopping at the top to take in the stunning views and to allow the heart to slow down.

We expected mud and we were not let down, it was also hard and frosty in places and sunny even, perfect XC weather.

31 of us ran, another fabulous turn-out, helped of course by Alan and his bus for which we are very grateful.

Here are some stats to bore you with details which for those who remember when Mick Clarke used to have to badger us to get 10 runners at these events shows how the club has developed.

51 club members took part in a XC race this series.

We had 151 entries in total so an average of 30 at each event.

21 members did 4 races

8 did all 5 races; Dave Whatton, Jon Dilworth, James Smith, Jo Smith, Elaine Palmer, Mary Sullivan, Jocelyn Granger and Mark Garrett.

We had lots of new runners taking part in XC for the first time and it was very pleasing to see some young bloods coming along. Well done to Simeon Howson, Sam Brown, Paige Pinkard, Carrick Baldwin and James Smith.

Results - Ladies
36 Beckie Hollowell
62 Elaine Palmer
68 Wendy Parker
69 Suzanne Baldwin
75 Jo Smith
77 Jocelyn Granger
92 Jo Cummings
97 Mary Sullivan
105 Kirsty Turner
108 Helen Blackburn
110 Carol Whatton
111 Keran Irving
119 Sally Garrett

14 Tony Letts
20 Simeon Howson
51 Sam Brown
119 Peter Moor
124 James Smith
126 Mark Kennedy
137 Dave Whatton
145 Mark Garrett
155 Terry Begley
160 Darren Baldwin
161 Jonathon Panter
175 Michael Hollowell
209 Jon Dilworth
212 Richard Gent
219 Martin Andrews
230 Dave Blackburn
231 Jim McGowan
240 Tom Sullivan

In the team competitions we came 
9th men
11th ladies

11th in combined ( out of 13 teams)

Trophy wise we didn’t bother the engraver however there is so much more to running than winning and we would surely win the nicest bunch prize if there was one.

So therefore another fantastically successful season for Northampton Road Runners with just the sadness that we were missing our friend, inspiration, hero, and all round top gent, Mick.

Whenever you are struggling up some stupid muddy pig of a hill, when you could easily just pack it in listen and you will hear Mick cheering you on and encouraging you and convincing you that you can and will do it.

Parkrun Results (Catch Up)

Here are the results from the last month's Parkruns.  Plenty of NRR members on tour.

Corby Parkrun - 11/01/2014.
11 John EALES 23:33

Northampton Parkrun - 11/01/2014.
5 Sam BROWN 18:24
33 Peter MOOR 20:47
97 Eamon KENNEDY 24:11
99 Andy COTTRELL 24:14
109 Jo LEE 00:24:44
151 Tony KENNEDY 26:32
158 Richard ROSE 27:00
210 John OLIVER 29:39
257 Paula PINNEY 34:23

Northampton Parkrun - 04/01/2014.
14 Peter MOOR 21:22
20 Mark GARRETT 22:10
23 John EALES 22:27
60 Elaine PALMER 25:10
64 Jo LEE 25:49
115 Richard ROSE 28:42
122 Paula PINNEY 29:10
127 John OLIVER 29:28
147 Eamon KENNEDY 31:37

Carlisle Parkrun - 28/12/2013.
28 Charlotte YARKER 24:13

Northampton Parkrun - 25/12/2013.
7 Ilir BRECA 19:20
20 Peter MOOR 21:04
42 John EALES 22:59
53 James ANDERSON 23:46
57 Sarah JONES 00:23:28
59 Eamon KENNEDY 24:07
75 Andy COTTRELL 24:26
76 Mark GARRETT 25:04
178 Sally GARRETT 34:15
179 Lynsey LOU 35:00

Wolverhampton Parkrun - 28/12/2013.
6 Tony LETTS 17:36

Corby Parkrun - 21/12/2013.
13 John EALES 24:02

Northampton Parkrun - 21/12/2013.
1 Simeon HOWSON 17:24
22 Peter MOOR 20:41
44 Sarah JONES 23:25
51 Eamon KENNEDY 23:56
63 Andy COTTRELL 24:57

Northampton Parkrun - 14/12/2013.
4 Simeon HOWSON 17:01 
20 Mark GARRETT 20:07
48 Charlotte YARKER 22:33
55 Sarah JONES 23:47
96 Richard ROSE 27:15
99 Darren NICOLAS 27:24
150 Simone SMITH 33:37

Strathclyde Parkrun - 14/12/2013.
42 Eamon KENNEDY 23:39

Swindon Parkrun - 14/12/2013.
76 Andy COTTRELL 00:24:00

East Haddon Cross Country - 15th December

52 Suzanne Baldwin
56 Elaine Palmer
62 Jo Smith
65 Jocelyn Granger
82 Mary Sullivan
85 Jo Lee
88 Jo Cummings
94 Paige Pinckard
104 Helen Blackburn
108 Keran Irving
114 Sally Garrett

8 Chris Lamb

14 Tony Letts
17 Simeon Howson
77 Matthew Brand
94 Ilir Brecani
98 Mark Garrett
107 James Smith
113 Darren Baldwin
116 Peter Moor
121 Dave Whatton
157 Jim Anderson
181 Jon Dilworth
185 Richard Gent
223 Alan Hackett

Monday, 9 December 2013

Bedford Half

A beautiful sunny morning greeted runners from all over the country to the Bedford Half Marathon, billed as, "The last big half of the year!"

The course is undulating and, despite the beautiful weather, had a strong headwind for the first nine miles or so.  From then on, it was mostly downhill and clam offering everyone the chance of a strong finish.

Eleven NRR members resisted the temptation of the previous night's Christmas party festivities and made their way to the start line via a well organised bus transfer service.

After working their way through the busy first mile, the field split out and everyone found their rhythm.  

Mark Kennedy  was first home for the club, completing his tenth half marathon of the year in 1:37:15.  Pete Moor was close behind in a great time of 1:38:08.

Terry Begley recorded an amazing time of exactly 1:40:00 and Roger Taylor was next in 1:42:03.

Jon Panter completed his first ever half marathon in a brilliant 1:41:52 and was followed by PB star Charlotte Yarker in 1:43:33.  Next to finish was Jo Windrum, completing her first half in 1:44:25 and Caroline Powell also scored a PB with 1:48:34 (she set a target of two hours).

Time for another PB for Jon Dilworth in 1:48:56, over 14 minutes of his previous best.  Eamon Kennedy enjoyed a great run in 1:50:21 and it was great to see Richard Gent (2:03:59) back in action.

The Bedford Half is a highly recommended event with its excellent organisation, friendly marshals and unusual souveniers, this year it was a fantastic shoe bag.  We'll be back next year for more.

265 Mark Kennedy 1:37:15
289 Pete Moor 1:38:08
348 Terry Begley 1:40:00
392 Roger Taylor 1:42:03
398 Jon Panter 1:41:52 - 1st Half
441 Charlotte Yarker 1:43:33 - PB
468 Jo Windrum 1:44:25
602 Caroline Powell 1:48:34 - PB
611 Jon Dilworth 1:48:56 - PB
650 Eamon Kennedy 1:50:21
961 Richard Gent 2:03:59

Abington Park 10K - Birmingham League

Abington Park 10K - Birmingham League

Colin Bricher took part in the Birmingham League XC event at Abington Park on Saturday 7th December. On a 4 lap course, Colin put in his fourth best division one performance.

232 Colin Bricher 64.49


Results for Northampton Parkrun, event number 83, 07/12/2013.

2 Simeon HOWSON 17:31
11 Sam BROWN 19:20
19 Peter MOOR 20:13
47 Sarah JONES 22:56
50 Wendy PARKER 23:05 - PB
51 Mark KENNEDY 23:08 - The Pacer
52 Jim ANDERSON 23:08 - PB
73 Tony KENNEDY 24:42
115 John OLIVER 27:47
118 Darren NICOLAS 28:03

Friday, 6 December 2013

Watlington 10K

A trio of NRR returned to the Watlington 10K on Sunday 1st December. 

A beautiful route through the Chilterns take place twice a year, once in summer then in Winter.

Tony Letts finished in second place in 40:50.  Jocelyn Granger completed the course in 1:01:01 and Jo Cummings smashed her previous time, finishing in 1:06:59.

Nene Valley 10

Eamon Kennedy and John Dilworth did the Nene Valley Harriers 10 mile on Sunday 1st December.  Eamon crossed the line in 1:21:48 and John in 1:22:58.

Results for Northampton Parkrun Number 82 - 30/11/2013.

Results for Northampton Parkrun Number 82 - 30/11/2013.

3 Sam BROWN 18:01
16 Mark GARRETT 19:46
21 Peter MOOR 20:14
23 Mark KENNEDY 20:40
59 Jon DILWORTH 23:20
63 Eamon KENNEDY 23:39
81 Tony KENNEDY 24:50
82 Jo LEE 24:53
100 Mary SULLIVAN 26:22
113 Richard ROSE 27:16
129 John OLIVER 28:31

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wing Cross Country - Sunday 24th Nov - L’eau de Cowshit

After the manicured lawns of Wootton it was back to proper cross-country terrain for the Leighton Fun Runners event at Wing.

The field is specially prepared beforehand with hundreds of fresh wet cowpats and the stream crossing (twice) nicely churned up to ensure maximum mud coverage.

29 of us ran with good support who had gathered by the bog hoping to see some belly flops into the water.

Jon Panter came home the muddiest after a facial mudpack and James Smith learnt that trainers need tying extra tight as he lost one in the bog and had to go fishing to retrieve it . He found one but is not sure it is the right one.

Great fun was had by all. X-C debutants Carrick Baldwin and Richard  Gent ran well as did everyone.

The LFR cake display was excellent and muddy hands just added to the taste.

The aroma of cowshit, bog and sweat that filled the bus on the trip back should be gone by about March.

Congratulations to all who ran, next event is 15th Dec at Guilsborough.

35 Beckie Hollowell
58 Jo Lee

64 Jocelyn Granger
67 Elaine Palmer

70 Suzanne Baldwin
85 Jo Smith
97 Mary Sullivan
107 Jo Cummings
118 Helen Blackburn
121 Kirsty Turner
130 Carol Whatton
135 Sally Garrett

6 Chris Lamb
17 Tony Letts
50 Sam Brown
83 Carrick Baldwin
113 Mark Garrett 

128 Mark Kennedy
138 James Smith
147 Darren Baldwin
157 Jon Panter
162 Dave Whatton
166 Martin Andrews
179 Michael Hollowell

222 Jon Dilworth
225 Richard Gent

227 Paul Braddock
231 Eamon Kennedy
245 Andy Cottrell

Monday, 25 November 2013

Wolverton Five

A trio of NRR did the Wolverton Five on Saturday 25th November, Eamon and Andy did the Parkrun in the morning and the XC the following day.  Colin is a regular at the Wolverton Five.

226 Eamon Kennedy 39:55
229 Andy Cottrell 40:00
276 Colin Bricher 46:20


Results for Northampton Parkrun Number 80 - 16/11/2013.
1 Simeon HOWSON 17:11
21 Peter MOOR 20:04
72 Jon DILWORTH 23:34
75 Sarah JONES 23:40
81 Eamon KENNEDY 24:02
94 Andrew PATE 24:48
127 Richard ROSE 27:18
148 Tony KENNEDY 28:58
149 John OLIVER 29:03
183 Simone SMITH 30:56

Results for Northampton Parkrun Number 81 - 23/11/2013.

24 Pete MOOR 20:42
41 Mark KENNEDY 22:00 - now that's pacing!
64 Jim ANDERSON 23:43 PB
66 Sarah JONES 23:47
74 Eamon KENNEDY 24:28
76 Andy COTTRELL 24:52   

Sunday, 17 November 2013

St Neots Half

Eamon Kennedy completed the St Neots Half Marathon on Sunday in 1:51:30.  Eamon said, "It is a lovely fast course hosted and marshalled impeccably."

Dirt Half

Mark Kennedy took part in the Dirt Half at Leighton Buzzard on Saturday 16th November completing the course in 1:39:32. 

The route follows a flat canal path for just over five miles before turning off road over hills, through beautiful woodland and across muddy fields before a flat two miles to the finish.

The organisation is spot on and the marshals offer a smile and encouragement throughout.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Northampton Parkrun Number 78 - 2/11/13 and 79 - 9/11/2013.

Northampton Parkrun Number 79 - 9/11/2013.
2 Simeon HOWSON 17:30
12 Ilir BRECA 19:10
23 Mark KENNEDY 20:03
26 Peter MOOR 20:10
65 Sarah JONES 23:06
78 Jon DILWORTH 24:03
131 Richard ROSE 27:41
179 Simone SMITH 32:33

Northampton Parkrun Number 78 - 2/11/2013.
9 Sam BROWN 18:30
26 Peter MOOR 20:18
49 Mark KENNEDY 22:12
52 Mark GARRETT 22:29
77 Sarah JONES 24:14
86 Jon DILWORTH 24:47
96 Jo LEE 25:09
201 Karen EKE 32:33
234 Simone SMITH 39:50

Custard or mud, which was the thicker? Seagrave Wolds!

The Three Wise Monkeys Martin Andrews, Jim Anderson and Mark Garrett couldn't resist the trip up to Seagrave, Leics for 15.7 miles of muddy pleasure followed by their legendary crumble and custard.
Very sticky and thick and the fields were muddy also.
81 Mark Garrett 2:15:37
133 Martin Andrews 2:27:01
160 Jim Anderson 2:35:51

Hunsbury Cross Country

It was fantastic to see a record ever turnout of 34 runners from Northampton Road Runners for the latest X-C event. Some of us remember when we struggled to make up a team so it is great to see so many joining in.

This was a new fast course around Hunsbury Country Park on what was a beautiful sunny morning.

To have 3 men in the top 15 (Chris, Tony and Simeon) was superb and it was also great to see more new faces making their X-C debuts, ( Avtar, Paige, Andy C, Eamon and Terry).

The race (event 2) results can be found on the X-C website (link thro ours) along with details of event 3 which is hosted by Leighton Fun Runners at Wing.

We are hoping to run a minibus to this and we will try and organise car sharing also.

2 Chris Lamb
12 Tony Letts
13 Simeon Howson
50 Sam Brown
100 Ilir Brecani
127 Peter Moor
147 Dave Whatton
148 James Smith
149 Mark Garrett
155 Jonathon Panter
181 Terry Egan
182 Michael Hollowell
203 Martin Andrews
264 Jon Dilworth
209 Roger Taylor
249 Eamon Kennedy
256 Paul Braddock
257 Andy Cottrell
285 Dave Soloman
226 Dave Blackburn
293 Jags Rattu
307 Elmer Aparicio

52 Beckie Hollowell
81 Wendy Parker
89 Jocelyn Granger
92 Elaine Palmer
103 Jo Smith
123 Mary Sullivan
134 Avtar Kour
140 Jo Cummings
141 Paige Pinckard
144 Paula Pinney
179 Carol Whatton
181 Sally Garrett

Colin Continues His XC Adventures

November 9: Birmingham League, (10k+),Leamington

Colin Bricher ran his second cross country since suffering a heart-attack last year and continues to go from strength to strength with his recovery. He braved the bottle necks and narrow slippery, muddy paths to finish in 76:17

Monday, 4 November 2013

Lode Half Marathon

On Sunday 3rd November, four Northampton Road Runners took part in a flat but windy Lode Half in Cambridgeshire.  A small field of 140 made its way along an out and back route but the field had to endure a strong headwind on the way back.

27 Mark Kennedy 1:36:47 
31 Pete Moor 1:39:21
48 Charlotte Yarker 1:44:10 - 5th lady
85 Jim Anderson 1:55:34

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Cross-Country Season kicks off at Wellingborough Sun 27th Oct 2013

This season’s Three Counties X-C League started on a very windy day at Croyland Park Wellingborough.

Amongst the field of 400 with nothing better to do on a Sunday morning was a brilliant turnout of 31 from NRR.

These included many a cross-country veteran but also a number who always say NEVER AGAIN and also a good number of new faces wanting to join in the fun.

This is always a tough course with many climbs and switchbacks which really sap the legs. Also the 4 leaps into the stream adds to the fun as the mud gets deeper and the banks more difficult to climb up.

So by the time we had all been cheered home there was a strange aroma of stinking mud in the air and new shiny trainers had turned to a muddy mess. Michael seemed to win the wettest and muddiest prize.

Tea, rolls and cake after the race all adds up to making these events such good fun and each runner had a story to tell.

There are too many runners to list you all so only the new faces get a mention. These were Caroline, Simeon, Ilir, Michael, James and Darren.

All have promised to come back for more. The next race is at a new venue as Wootton RR are hosting their race at Hunsbury Country Park on Sunday 10th October.

Race details of Event 2 and results from Event 1 can be found by linking through our website cross-country page.

Well done to everyone who ran or supported, you have 2 weeks to get your trainers clean and dry ready for the next time. Don’t forget to keep your numbers for the whole series.

11 Chris Lamb
26 Simeon Howson
53 Sam Brown
103 Ilir Brecani
109 Mark Kennedy
111 Pete Moor
123 Mark Garrett
153 Steve Prior
178 Elmer Aparicio
186 James Smith
161 Jon Panter
172 Martin Andrews
174 Jim McGowan
175 Dave Whatton
177 Michael Hollowell
208 Jim Anderson
214 Darren Byfield
223 Tom Sullivan
243 John Dilworth
262 Jags Rattu

41 Beckie Hollowell
56 Caroline Powell
76 Elaine Palmer
80 Jo Smith
88 Jocelyn Granger
96 Mary Sullivan
98 Paula Pinney
109 Helen Blackburn
111 Kirsty Turner
120 Carol Whatton
123 Keran Irving

Parkrun 26/10/13

Well done to ...
...Charlotte for going on tour to Carlisle.
...Simeon for winning the Northampton Parkrun
...and our new runners, Karen, Natasha, Jodie and John who graduated from our beginners group to complete their first Parkruns.

Results for Carlisle Parkrun

20 Charlotte YARKER 00:22:43

Results for Northampton Parkrun 26/10/2013.

1 Simeon HOWSON 17:36 
14 Ilir BRECA 19:35
24 Pete MOOR 20:28
31 Mark GARRETT 20:44
38 Mark KENNEDY 21:07
73 James ANDERSON 23:52
91 Jon DILWORTH 24:57
101 Tony KENNEDY 25:26
103 Andrew PATE 25:31
142 Richard ROSE 28:03
177 John OLIVER 30:44
211 Karen EKE 33:42
227 Natasha EKE 37:36
230 Jodie EKE 38:37